Storenvy is giving away 500 shirts designed by Godmachine!

Yes you read that title correctly! The awesome guys over at Storenvy are kicking off the new year in a big way, by giving away 500 FREE TEES! The tee was designed by the infamous GODMACHINE, whom which they told basically to go crazy and make it as difficult to print as possible. What resulted is a ten color intricate masterpiece! This shirt shows off the incredible Storenvy printing quality and of course how incredible of an illustrator Godmachine is.

Here are all the details straight from Storenvy :
Storenvy wants to give YOU a FREE shirt (designed by Godmachine)

2009 was 1 heck of a year for Storenvy Printing and we are not slowing down in 2010.
Our printing department went from a staff of only 9 people to now 35 in only 6 months. In February we are moving into our new 26,000 square foot facility with 2 new autos on the way and 1 more coming shortly afterwards. That would bring us up to 8 total machines. With plenty room to grow!


We are giving you a FREE tshirt designed by the great Godmachine to the first 500 people that contact us.
We had him design this shirt for you, told him to just go crazy. So he came up with this 10 color beast of beauty.
We are printing this on an American Apparel 2001 tee with a custom screen printed tag.

The only thing you need to qualify to get a free t-shirt is be able to say yes to 1 of the below.

1. Run or work for a Clothing Company.
2. Be in a band or work with bands (label, manager, booking agent, etc)
3. Be a graphic designer that designs t-shirts
4. Run some type of website that has to do with t-shirts, music, or the arts.
5. Work for some type of company that would need tshirts printed at some point.

If you are not 1 of the above just tell us why we should give you a tshirt and we will probably do so.

(insert design here)

This is what you need to do to get your free t-shirt.

email me at [email protected] with the subject “Give me my free tshirt” and include the following information.

1. your name
2. email
3. your tshirt size
4. the company you work for (if there is one)
5. website url
6. Your Address!

We will start shipping these out in late January or early February.


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  • Tim

    So much win here. I would kill women and children for Storenvy.

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  • rochellacrawford

    well, something went wrong with my submission for a free tshirt from you, so maybe you can get this message and send me one!! im a lover of art,music and all the awesome things around us, especially our kisd. Im currently a stay at home mom who used to create alot of artwork but im pretty busy lately raising my kids. Anyway, id love a xs tshirt!!!! Hook me up!! my address is 1111 George Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101. Thanks for your time.

  • I scored one, can't wait to get it

  • seriously, wasnt this one of the best promos ever?

  • Hey Rochella, i took off your address from the comment i didnt think you wanted everyone to know where you lived ; ) But this is actually's promo, we were just promoting it for them. Hit those guys up and see what they can do for you!

  • ricky neal


  • ricky neal