Celebrating the Return of Lost with the Polar Beer Tee

Finally LOST will be returning to the airwaves Tuesday February 2nd and I’m excited! Which brings me to this killer tee that has been released by Ian Leino. The tee titled “Polar Beer” was originally on teefury.com and enjoyed so much success that Ian decided to release the shirt again himself.

The tee has been garnering so much attention that even Carlton Cuse, executive producer for LOST was wearing one at the LOST Underground Art Show opening in LA. Talk about publicity!

The design was originally made using only scratchboard and I have been told that through working with a local printer Ian was able to achieve a lot of the same great detail on the final print. The tee is also printed on super soft American Apparel which is always the win sauce!

Aside from being a very cool design I also really dug the “MAAAAAAAAALT LIQUOR” and “Down the Hatch” phrases, both are funny and play well on the show. Overall a great tee.

You can pick up the shirt at: http://shop.ianleino.com for $18.00!