Smartfish The Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Shoe!

SMARTFISH creator and designer Alisha Budkie is dedicated in using sustainable and local materials in making her beautiful handcrafted shoes!

After studying Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati and interning for such footwear companies like Adidas and New Balance, she is well on her way to creating a successful brand of her own!

The shoes are themselves works of art. Made out of a durable hemp canvas for the uppers, a hand molded sole made out of natural latex and sawdust, salvaged cork and natural latex for the insoles, organic bamboo for the linings, these shoes are completely sustainable and vegan. There aren’t even any adhesives used in the making of these shoes and the insoles are also removable so that the shoes can be turned inside out to be washed if needed!

I was very impressed at how these shoes can be so beautiful and durable, while also being eco-friendly at the same time, using coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles and other recycled materials. Alisha really puts her all into the craftsmanship of these shoes and you can absolutely tell! To  become an eco-friendly individual, you may support these brands as well as the organizations like The Solutions Project that are advocating sustainability and spreading awareness about climate change.

The shoes run in sizes 6 thru 10 and come in a variety of colors; everything from natural to navy to red and marigold. I also especially love the detailed work that is put into the textured flats as well as the bow flats. These are definitely something that I can see myself wearing as well as a lot of other women out there! Prices range from $85 for the simple natural flats, $95 for the hand dyed flats, and upwards of $165 for the texture detailed flats. Although a little on the pricy side, you get what you pay for and with all of the work that has been put into each and every pair of shoes; it is definitely worth it! You can visit for more in-depth reviews on all sorts of footwear.

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