No Star Clothing: A Humor Based Clothing Line That is Actually Funny

Let me just start by putting this out there, I am not a big fan of humor based clothing lines. I mean dont get me wrong I definitely enjoy a good laugh, but for me there are just so many half assed clothing lines that try and make funny tees that the genre of tees for me has been ruined. But as with everything there are always a few exceptions and standouts. No Star Clothing is a humor based clothing line that to me is one of these exceptions.

Before we go any further let me tell you my two biggest pet peeves with humor based lines.
1. Yeah, I have heard/seen that one before!– Just for example let’s take the example of the “Gun Show” tee, I mean really how many different ways can you put the same joke on a shirt? Let’s try and be a bit original here people!

2. Mock Ups– I may be generalizing here, but most of the humor based lines I come across have the worst tee mockups I have ever seen and if you search their site you will be hard pressed to find an actual photo of a real shirt! If you don’t even have photos of your shirts, I am going to be very weary as to if you actually even have the shirts your trying to sell.

Anyways, enough rampaging! My point is No Star Clothing does a great job of dismissing my two pet peeves. They actually have some pretty funny and original shirts such as their “Keep the Dream Alive” and “Listen to Nature“. Not every shirt is a home run for me, but they have enough original material that I really enjoyed their site.

The tees are $24 but the guys at No Star were cool enough to give us coupon code “NOTREND” so you can grab 20% off your entire order.

View the entire line at: