Nine Pieces of Art You Can Wear That Aren’t T-Shirts

1. An Amanda Wachob tattoo
These are a little more permanent than the rest of this list, but I couldn’t help myself. Her modern tattoo designs, sans the typical thick-black lines, set her into a whole new world of tattoo design. And it is no doubt a bold move to get one of her amazing abstract designs.

2. Urbanears
You don’t have to be a DJ or a college student to fall in love with these headphones. These things come in all the colors of the rainbow, so now you can match your headphones to all your favorite t-shirts.

3. Dirty Pretty Things
A personal favorite of mine, the crew over at Dirty Pretty Things really knows how to tug on all the tough-girl heart strings. Affordable and utterly cool, you need to rush out to add one of the amazing pieces of art jewelry to your collection before everyone catches on to this trend.

4. Studio Dong
Artist Nick Dong plays with shape and style with these beautiful hand made introspective rings. No need to be flashy on the outside, you get to keep all the flash and style to yourself. Dong designs the rings this way on purpose, so you feel the energy of the gems by yourself – and no one else will know where your secret glow is coming from.

5. The Invisible by Andreie Chaves
If you’ve ever seen Lady GaGa’s outfits and said to yourself “I can pull that off!” then these shoes belong to you. The Invisible Shoe embodies the current trends in fashion, design, and art. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get to know the trendy soul who could wear these with no hesitation? Check out Andreia Chaves’ other footwear concepts and bask in the glory of her imagination.

6. Killspencer Messenger Bag
You don’t have to travel by bike to fall in love with this bag. KILLSPENCER makes all their bags in the USA and uses materials “used in combat” to put them all together. So not only do you have a great looking, easy travel bag hanging on your back – but it also protects your computer and business documents from all sorts of weather, including fire. Each KILLSPENCER product comes with an attached strap that attached to a wall mount you can place anywhere in your home. So there, it’s hanging on the wall, now it’s art.

7. Kiel Mead Jewelry
Try making jewelry that’s original, recycled, and cool enough for boys and girls. Try being Kiel Mead. Kiel [pronounced “Kyle”] works with more than just jewelry, and at 24 he’s already had his work featured in over 15 magazines and numerous galleries (including MoMA). Plus, how bad do you want to wear a Cadillac key as a ring?

8. Ariane Hartmann The Best Place brooch
German Artist Ariane Hartmann hits all the right notes with these sweet little works of art. Tugging our Vinyl loving heartstrings and bringing us back to the days when scratching albums was taboo, each brooch is marked specifically to show you the best part of the song. Pin them onto your scarf or jacket and rock them with confidence that, yes, you are trendy.

9. Macha Jewelry, the Jagger Trilogy Ring
Diamonds may be forever, but this ring is a permanent staple for anyone who loves modern fashion. Creatively stuffed with solid hunks of plated gold and sterling silver, it’s a beautiful treasure that won’t cost you a fortune.