Interview with Jason Ross Founder of

I’m not sure how I first came across but from the first time I was on the site I knew I was going to dig what they had to offer. In a nutshell is a “members” only site that allows it’s members the chance at some amazing threads at a discount of at least 51% off! On top of that monster discount they are actually featuring some pretty amazing brands such as Obey, Burton, Crooks and Castles, Skull Candy and a ton more. So after being a member for a couple months I decided to approach Jason, the owner of Jackthreads, to get this interview.

To become a member or check out Jackthreads for yourself simply visit their website:

To start out can you tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age, position with Jackthreads)

Jason Ross, 28, founder and business development guy. My position is to have my hand in everything. I work with the buying team, the creative team, logistics and the marketing team to make sure we’re performing well on all fronts.

For our readers that aren’t familiar with, how would you sum up the site?

It’s an online private shopping community where guys can find cool stuff. We have exclusive brands at great prices everyday… at least 50% off. It’s exciting to be a member of JackThreads because there is something new everyday. Unlike a normal online store that rarely changes and you only visit once a season, JackThreads is always fresh. We have style for everybody at prices you wont find anywhere else.

So where did the idea for Jackthreads start and when did you guys officially launch?

We launched July 31, 2008. The idea came from a lot of places. I’ve always been into streetwear and sneakers. Basically, any exclusive brand or fashion that wasn’t really easy to find appealed to me. At the same time though, I have always been a bargain shopper. But the two really didn’t go hand in hand. That’s when I stated looking for a place to get the brands I love at discounted prices. I did some research and quickly realized that there wasn’t a site out there that offered what I wanted so I created JackThreads. Problem solved.

What have been some of your biggest obstacles in running a website where the products and suppliers change everyday?

There are tons of obstacles. The biggest challenge is getting top quality, fresh products on the site every single day. It’s possible and we’re doing it well but it’s a LOT of work. Other than that, managing logistics on the back end is challenging as we grow.

Everything on your site is at least 51% off or more which is incredible, how are you guys doing this? Are these over-runs, discontinued, last years styles or are you guys just that awesome?

We’re just that awesome. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves and build exclusive relationships with people in the industry. It didn’t happen overnight.

What have been are some of your favorite brands that you have featured on the site?

I love them all. Our members go crazy for Supra shoes and ladies workwear boots, WeSC, Shades of Greige and Obey but we sell a lot of brands and we have the members to support any brand we carry.

2009 seems to have been a pretty successful launch for Jackthreads, so what can we expect to see from Jackthreads in 2010?

In 2010, we’re going to add even more brands across more categories that fit the lifestyle of our members. We are also going to continue to improve our member experience in many ways. It will be a great year.