Author: TJ Mapes of

2009 has been an amazing year here at RIPT. We printed over 200 designs from some amazing artists. We sold thousands of shirts to thousands of people all over the world. We hired some great curators to help us keep the quality artwork coming in the door.

We have been luckiest though to have worked with so many talented designers and artists throughout the year. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without all of them so we thought we’d take this opportunity to give a few shout outs.

So without further adieu, here are our picks for best RIPT tees of 2009:


#10 – More Trees for Birds– 1 color on Silver – Artist: Melostar – curator: RIPT Apparel

Matt – This was our first tee and started us out on the right foot. The response from the t-shirt community was amazing. Thanks Everyone!


#09 – Vampire boy – 2 color on Red – Artist: J.Klavins – curator: RIPT Apparel

Paul – This is probably personally my favorite tee so far that we have done. The funny story behind it is that it was originally tucked away inside a folder of Black and white designs from J. Klavins that was accidentally placed in my rejected folder. I was poking around, found this, and realized how much potential this design had. We were running out of space for the Halloween season when J. Klavins approved my 2-color rendition of his original piece. Since the vampire seemed so “sad”, I decided it might make sense to sell this the day after Halloween. In my mind, he is lamenting the passing of his favorite holiday. Also, when someone commented on a survey that they liked the shirt with “the Vampire with the teeth that were too big” I knew this was special.


#08 – Put Your Hands Up – 1 Color on Red – Artist: Kevin L Cornett – curator: RIPT Apparel

Matt– This is a great one color design where we actually used a screen to print the group of hands at the bottom and another to print the 2 hands near the top. It makes it a very unique tshirt and one of my favorites.


#07 – Campione – 4 color on Charcoal – Artist: spacegirl – curator: RIPT Apparel

Paul – The texture on this tee really turned out awesome. Sometimes halftones can wreck havoc on a design, but this time it worked out beautifully. The colors turned out exactly like the mockup, and the illustration was very lively to begin with. I remember having some debate as to whether we should keep the text at the top or not, but we choose to keep it. Can you say “the perfect tee”, anyone?


#06 – Bombs Away – 4 color on Light Blue – Artist: Andy Gocher – curator: RIPT Apparel

Matt– This tee caused a lot of discussion on our message board and ended up being one of our better selling shirts of the year.


#05 – Shipwrek – 2 color on Turquoise – Artist: Xul – curator: RIPT Apparel

TJ – This shirt came out perfect. I love all the attention to detail on the vines and the wood on the sunken ship.


#04 – Pocket Protector – 4 color on Heather – Artist: killerjello – curator:the_JCW

Paul – Out of all of our first shirts, this one is the only one that used and optical illusion sort of effect. The tentacles really look like they’re coming at you!


#03 – Crows – 1 color on Natural – Artist: Spokeduck – curator: RIPT Apparel

TJ – This is far one of our best and most undersold one color tshirts we’ve done to date. The sheer size of this monster sketch drawing of a crow just makes this shirt awesome.


#02 – Lion – 1 color on Black – Artist: Nathan Opdahl – curator: RIPT Apparel

Matt– I love this tee! The lion itself is magnificently drawn and I love the dripping effect from his mane. I think the color combination is perfect as well.


#01 – Harmony with Nature – 1 color on Army – Artist: ritzh – curator: RIPT Apparel

TJ – Another amazing 1 color design. This design is ranked #1 for me because I think it was pulled off beautifully. It is simple and wonderful and appeals to men and women alike. On top of that, it was our best seller to date.