So as you can see posts have been a bit scarce since Christmas, but never fear we are still here! Basically just needed some time away from the keyboard and computer to let the mind relax and regroup for the New Year! What can you expect from us in 2010?

First off I just want to thank each and every one of you for visiting the site this year. The site is not even a year old and it’s already expanding way past what I had originally imagined a year in. Huge thanks also to all the amazing indie clothing companies that have sent in their tees for reviews and giveaways! Without you IATT.TV wouldnt be possible!

Enough with the old, now with the new~
What you can expect from us this year is MORE, MORE, MORE! More articles, more interviews, more awesomeness. We will be slaving away this year to provide you with the best and freshest content that we can dig up. Some of the biggest upgrades will probably be aimed towards IAMTHETREND TV. We just recently purchased and HD camera so now all of our live IATT.TV broadcasts will now be broadcast in HD! I really think that this addition will really enhance the entire show by being able to see all products that we are reviewing in HD!

We will also be making an effort to include more interviews, on site tours, new segments and of course more T-Shirt giveaways! On top of that we are going to try our hardest to have a preview video up the week before every show so that you can see what we will be talking about and giving away ahead of time!
Our first show back for the new year will be on JAN 11th at 8PM CST so make sure to tune in!

Lastly I want to give a huge thanks to all the contributors to IAMTHETREND.COM, their work has really helped take IATT to the next level.
-Beau Doran (Music and IATT CoHost)
-Steve “The Magician” Lobo (Responsible for putting IATT.TV together!)
-Sarah Seemiller (Wares)
-Bo Mekavibul (Clothing
-Jody Heavener (Music)
-Alexis Page (Music)
-Blaire Bommer (Art)
-Vickee Tweed (Music)

We are always looking for guest authors, so if you would like to contribute to the site please email us at [email protected]

Thanks again & See you in the New Year!
We will be back in full swing Jan 4th!