10 Awesome Wallets for Holiday Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas fast approaching you may be scrambling for some last minute gift ideas. What better idea for the person on your list than a new wallet! Wallets are usually rather affordable, extremely useful and make great stocking stuffers!

That being in mind I decided to scour across the interwebs to bring you ten of the coolest and most affordable wallets that I can find. We are less than 10 days away from Christmas so if you want to make it in time for a gift you should get ordering!!!

The Black Axe Wallet
1. The Black Axe – We featured this wallet a couple weeks back when the released it and I am still digging on it. The wallet is extremely slim, stylish and affordable. It’s made out of 100% full grain leather accented in purple or black stitching. Price – $40 BUY | VIEW HERE

Johnny Cupcakes Wallet
2. Johnny Cupcakes – Johnny has been hard at work this year pushing his brand in new directions. And just this month he released a brand new wallet. The wallet is available in 3 different colors including black, red and purple. The wallet is made out of 100% PVC and is packaged in burlap. You can pick one up for $33.99 BUY|VIEW HERE

The Bacon Wallet
3. T-Shirt Bordello – This is another wallet that we featured a few weeks back. But in case you didnt catch it, here it is! The BACON WALLET! For all you bacon lovers out there this is the wallet for you. This is a roomier wallet that measures in at 4-1/4″ x 3-3/4″ and is made of faux leather. So while you may have a fake leather wallet the price is right, only costing $11.99! BUY|VIEW HERE

Toddland Burger Wallet
4. Toddland – Toddland actually has a ton of really cool wallets but there were two that really grabbed my attention the most was their Cheesburger wallet. The wallet as you guessed it looks like a cheeseburger while closed but when opened reveals space for plenty of cards and an spot for your ID. The wallet is made out of Vinyl and costs $24.00 BUY | VIEW HERE

Toddland Manstache Wallet
5. Toddland – The second wallet from Toddland that really grabbed me was their Manstache Wallet! Maybe your a stache aficionado or maybe you cant grow a sweet stache and would like to make up for that shortcoming with your wallet! Either way this is very cool wallet that even comes complete with a mustache sticker to add to ID window to add a stache to your current ID picture! Brilliant! The wallet is made of 100% vinyl and can be purchased for $24.00 BUY | VIEW HERE

Atari Wallet
6. NilesZ – Now here is an amazing throwback to the past! Introducing the ATARI wallet! This wallet is actually made out of old Atari cartridges! While these wallets might now be the most comfortable thing to throw in your back pocket, they are pretty darn sweet! Each wallet holds 6-8 standard plastic cards & 15-20 bills and will set you back $55 BUY | VIEW HERE

DynoMighty NYC Map Wallet
7. Dynomighty – This wallet is not only cool its a functional NYC train map! The map also does a pretty handy job of disguising your wallet against thieves! Something else that is different about this wallet is that it is actually made out of Tyvek basically the same material express mail envelopes are made from. They claim that it is extremely tear resistant and overtime the wallet will soften and also achieve a more vintage look. The wallet will set you back $15.00 BUY | VIEW HERE. Here is also a link to a youtube video showing off the wallet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcmIdK463x0

ModCloth Taco Wallet
8. ModCloth – I’m not really sure why there is so much intrigue and awesomeness when combining food and wallets but I like it! ModCloth comes to us with the one and only Nacho Wallet! While it is described as a wallet is more or a less a small pouch, probably more suited toward the female taco eating crowd. Either way its pretty darn creative and extremely cheap. The wallet can be yours for $7.99! BUY | VIEW HERE

Sweetheart DJ WALLET
9. Sweetheart Sinner – I came across their Etsy shop a while back and really liked some of the products they were putting out. It just so happens that they create some pretty cool looking small wallet/business card holders. My favorite piece being their Turntable Record Player design. The case opens with a side push device and is made completely out of metal. The case is also large enough to hold up to 20 cigarettes or even your ipod nano and earbuds. Each one of Sweetheart Sinner’s piece are one of a kind, so if you want this you better act now! If you miss out, dont worry though they make a bunch of different styles of this wallet. Its only $10 BUY | VIEW HERE

10. 80sTees.com, Inc.80sTees – This is technically listed as a womens wallet, but hey we need to start paying more attention to the ladies that visit iamthetrend.com! So here it is the Nintendo Controller Wallet, completely modeled after….. you guessed a old school NES controller! They claim that the wallet will fit a checkbook as well as 6 credit cards and an additional space for your ID. Its available for $20 BUY | VIEW HERE

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  • Rob

    Cool collection of wallets, maybe because it was first on the list or otherwise but Black Axe is my favourite…

  • I like this, it's a range of different styles, from adult to young adult. Good selections.

  • I like this, it's a range of different styles, from adult to young adult. Good selections.

  • Cory

    I wanted to buy theblackaxe wallet but when I click the link it’s under construction -.-

  • Definitely possible they sold out, that was from last years list…

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    By combining materials like carbon fiber…and glass stranded fiber, clients can customize their carry piece.We build each wallet one at a time, offering stylish choices and unique gift ideas for men.Thanks,RobertVvego Internationalhttp://store.vvego.com/categories/Vvault-Wallets/