Will the Nubrella replace the Umbrella?

I came across a product online the other day that I have never seen before and was quite in awe of it. Alan Kaufman is the inventor and founder of the Nubrella.

What is the Nubrella you may ask? The Nubrella is a domed umbrella that looks like a space-age helmet, but it has a few extra perks to it when compared to your traditional umbrella! One thing that is great is that it can’t be inverted; hence no wind gusts will attack you unexpectedly and ruin your umbrella. It also offers more coverage and protection from the elements; no pointy ends to poke people’s eyes out with and you can use it hand-free because there are shoulder straps to hold it securely in place. You will never again have to worry about trying to talk on your cell phone or hold your cup of coffee, now you can do both and more!

Here are the specs on the Nubrella:

-New aerodynamic oval design – Tested up to 50mph
-State of the art clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane
-Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy ribs
-Extremely durable rip-stop waterproof nylon
-Easy “pop” spring loaded opening and closing mechanism
-Weighs just 2.6 lbs
-Lightweight over the shoulder carrying case

-Adjustable shoulder straps

The Nubrella has been featured in various media outlets like MSNBC, ABC News and The Golf Channel; with press like this it is no wonder that all orders are currently on backorder! You can still put an order in though and they will contact you when the Nubrella is back in stock. The price for one of these spacey umbrellas is 49.99, which is a little steep for my tastes, especially for an umbrella. The concept is great, I just don’t know if I could go out in public wearing one of these!

Check out the Nubrella at: