Free Music Awesome Sauce #1

What do you get when you take a classically trained jazz pianist and a spoken word poet while adding in a melancholy environment like Seattle? The answer is Blue Scholars. If you’re a fan of ohmega wahtts and dig regional flavored hip hop then check out their latest release bayani redux; it’s a re-release of ‘07s Bayan with three additional songs.

If there was ever a band to give credence to the idea that knowing how to play your instruments can take a back seat to your musical vision than Dead Man’s Bones wrote the book. Normally not knowing how to play can be a recipe for suck, but not in this case. Ryan Gosling of Oscar nominated fame and best friend Zach Shields team up with a children’s choir to deliver some amazingly haunting melodies with pure hook.

Joshua Davis aka Bit Shifter, comes to us by way of net label 8 bit people. What can I say I’m a sucker for the chip scene. This next track comes from his release Information Chase with Hexadecimal Genome, feel free to download the whole release for free here