Band on the Rise: Summer of Aden

With influences ranging from the zombies to elliot smith Summer of Aden hail from Boston mass and bring a fresh perspective to acoustic indie pop. High school friends Dan Aronov and Brendan Ledoux formed the acoustic rock project and have recently produced a free 8 song demo

For fans of: Elliot Smith, Belle and Sebastian, The Shins

Download their 8 song demo by clicking HERE

Also check out their myspace at:

When did you form Summer of Aden? and what inspired the name?

Brendan and Dan:

We’ve played music together since our freshman year of high school, which was almost 7 years ago now. Back then we were mostly into punk and hardcore. After high school Dan and I started writing more mellow music, mostly acoustic and indie-rock. So I guess that’s when Summer of Aden was formed. During one summer in Cape Cod our friend Pat gave us fake names as a joke (his name was Aden Glace) so that when we met girls, we would sound more mystifying. The whole joke was really silly and we never used the names. The name “Summer of Aden” is just a reference to those younger days.

What brought about the making of your demo, and making it readily available for download and what is your stance on piracy?

Brendan and Dan:

We’ve been playing music for a long time and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We had barely created this style of music before, so it was a new path we could take to develop as musicians. I bought a cheap but good condenser mic with a gift card I got from my girlfriend at the time. This was fortunate because Dan and I had hardly any money to record this demo. We constantly bought equipment, used it for the demo, and then returned it. Since this project barely cost us anything, we didn’t feel the need to charge people for it. We also considered the fact that not many people would pay for a demo that was made by an unknown band. Having the music free is a good start in getting out there and becoming known. At this stage it’s not about monetary compensation, it’s about getting our music known.

What was your favorite video game growing up?

Brendan: Halo 2 on Xbox Live.

Dan: I don’t have one.

What influences your music the most?


There are these limitations that creep around the corners of my life. They stay hidden either because of failure to realize them or straight up denial of them. Then these limitations can be traced back to one or two flaws. Once these flaws are realized one can understand how these flaws build an intricate spider web of limitations throughout your life. It’s a constant struggle to deal with these flaws, and the options are either denying them or accepting them with new perspectives. So, I’d say my music is a product of me dealing with these flaws and limitations.


Definitely any art is derived from an artist’s limitations in one form or another and I cannot speak of my inspirations any differently than that. But the force of these limitations actually brings out a sense of unlimited freedom, kind of like an attitude of nothing left to lose. Because of these constant limitations in our lives, we feel a stronger urge to have dreams and aspirations in order to fill the void that I feel is “no man’s land”, or the place that we feel we cannot get to but still strive to be happy at the end of the day. So because of these defense-mechanisms we have against the things that hold us back, we can always have a brighter side to look at since there is always a darker side to be pushed into. This is kind of the essence of the music we have created to this day: an awareness of the uncontrollably fucked atmosphere of our world, but also, homage to a new day.

How is the search for other members going? and how do you think that will affect the writing process going forward?

Brendan and Dan:

Right now we have our friend Alex filling in on drums, Sonya playing bass and other people in mind for other things. The writing process will change from jamming with a recorded playback to having a real band to play with. This is good and bad at the same time. We can’t have a band play a song 100 times in a row like we could on a playback. It would be too much to ask. For now we will still be pressing repeat because we already have new material. On the other hand, it’s good having a real band to play with because more people will be contributing to the writing process (which hopefully won’t bring up conflict). But I’m hopeful for our future girl and guy members.

Once you fill out the rest of your lineup can your fans expect a proper tour or is it going to strictly be the east coast?

Brendan and Dan: Probably not a tour but definitely shows around the east coast.

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    Very good review and very well designed site.

  • moonparadiso

    Very good review and very well designed site.