Interview with Jason Ellis and Clay Silver of Future Clothing

For anyone not aware of whom Jason Ellis is, I highly suggest you go out and buy yourself a XM or SIRIUS radio and subscription and tune into his daily talk show! He is the single reason why I actually still have a SIRIUS account. Jason is a jack of all trades type of guy whom got his start as a professional skateboarder. He has since moved on to motocross, mma, radio DJ, and now co-owner of Future Clothing to name a few of his projects. Being a HUGE fan of the Jason Ellis show, I thought it would be amazing to get an interview with Jason and Clay from Future Clothing.

I was really impressed with Future Clothing. initial line, definitely can see this catching on in the skate and extreme sports world. Im really looking forward to seeing this brand expand in the upcoming months, but as far as Im concerned they have put their best foot forward with the start of Future Clothing..

On with the show!

First off RED DRAGONS! So when did you decide to start Future Clothing?

We…(when I say “we” I mean Myself, and the millions of extreme sports followers who desire something bigger) So, we started Future Clothing.”>FUTUREclothing back in May of 2009…although we are still in “infant-stage” this brand is growing

Why the name Future Clothing should we expect to see Star Trek outfits?

Haha! As much as the “trekkies” would love for something positive to come out of this question…we regretfully decline. It’s no coincidence that our namesake is the exact definition of what we all strive for….its not about out pasts, or our present situations…its about us looking forward, and not letting the FUTURE define us, but allowing US to define our FUTURE.

What brands when you were coming up did you admire and did you model your brand off any of those?

Honestly, anything and everything we can see, touch, and feel! We gather inspiration, and character from not only the plethora of amazing brands, but different cultures, motives, styles that shape the fashion industry as a whole.

Have you started to sponsor any other skaters or mixed martial artists and if not are there plan to?

Yes, currently we sponsor Australian Born Pro Skater, and Radio Kingpin Jason “Ellismate” Ellis. As well as the newest name to shake up the MMA World…KING MO Lawal. As well as being in parallel conjunction with TEAM THIRSTY; a pro-panel of MMA Fighters (Rashad Evans, King Mo Lawal, Daniel Cormier, L.C. Davis, and Shawn Bunch) consist of the team right now their mission is one focus…TRAIN.FIGHT.WIN! But, we are ALWAYS looking or new “FUTUREteam” members….we will want to get into EVERY extreme sport out there! So, if your ready, were looking…

Have you designed any of the pieces yourself or do you hire artists to complete your ideas?

At FUTURE we are a pretty tight knit family… We have a Graphic Artist, but everyone’s creative input is entertained, and encouraged! Since we are often working in different places, and on an assortment of projects, there are ideas floating around even as we speak. At the end of the day we all work to find a common balance, as well as progressive agreement in out entire design process.

What are the future plans for Future Clothing?

Wow…if you would have asked me back in MAY when we first started where we would be in 6 months, (with total optimism) I would have never in a million years even fathomed the speed at which this “brand” is moving! So, what is the FUTURE or FUTURE?? I can definitively say that we are going to be breaking into the Retail Market with the debut of out SPRING 2010 line. It would be reckless ignorance if we thought for a second that “clothing” is where this train stops…we are like a bunch of little kids, we want our HANDS IN EVERYTHING!!

Anything else you would like to plug before we sign off?

RED DRAGONS! Our FUTUREfamily would like to just say one thing…. Thank you for anyone who has ever worn our clothing, repped our brand, tweeted our name, reposted our words, stolen their parents credit cards to shop on, or purchased, or became a fan of anything because it has our “name” on it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You guys are the FUTURE….we just sew the threads.

And last but not least what is a reverse chicken wing ball?

Ahhh, yes. The Reverse Chicken Wing Ball…..I think you are going to just have to tune into the radio show to find out!

Company description directly from their blog:

First let me say a monster “Thanks” from not only myself, …but the entire FUTUREfamily.

It is by no secret, that the word “FUTURE” is the most influential, and sought after destination of everyone’s journey. And it is by no coincidense that we chose this as our “families” namesake…

Our brand is conceived on a division of athletes that are fueled by that sense of urgency to scream beyond their complacent thoughts, of inner/outer body settlement….that is who FUTUREclothing is made for!
“We would be selling our selves completely short if we believed that our passion halted at merely designing clothing…” said Clay Silver, President of FUTUREclothing.
Yes, we are an Extreme Sports Clothing Brand…but it does not stop there. In the past 6 months, (Yes, only six short months) We have managed to give the Extreme Sports World the shot of adrenaline it needs. From pushing the limits of online sales with daily increased revenue, as well as massive street credit via our website FUTURECLOTHING.COM. Creating a “cult-like” following through our Twitter Account ( with Huge Give-Aways, Uber-Updates, and Random Acts of Verbal Humor…you could say Social Networking is are hardest working employee! (Facebook page coming soon!)
This past October, we co-hosted ELLISMANIA w. Jason Ellis (Radio King Pin, Pro Skateboarder, and FUTUREclothing Team Rider) @ HRHotel & Casino, that attracted such guests as Mayhem Miller, and Cary Hart just to name a few! We were invitied to EA Sports HQ in Orlando, FL to observe as FUTUREfighter “KING MO” Lawal suits up for his debut in the new EA SPORTS Video Game, “EASPORTS MMA” out 2010. FUTUREclothing is a brand with the mind of a machine, and the audacity of a child….we want to drive this industry to an entirely new spectrum, while having our hands in EVERY LITTLE THING!” Currently, we are at the threshold of closing out 2009 with our new WINTER 09 line, as well as a SPRING 2010 soon to follow… As well, our most exciting new venture is the LAUNCH of TEAM THIRSTY! ( Pioneered by “King Mo” Lawal, UFC Fighter Rashad Evans, and Daniel Cormier, and other fighters…fueled by FUTUREclothing. This is a specialized team of fighters banded together by one focus…THE THIRST TO TRAIN.FIGHT.WIN.
We are thrilled to be apart of this team, it’s fighters, and what they stand for.

As true as the past is to the present….the FUTURE is now, tomorrow…and forever. This is just the beginning…

FUTURE Clothing Mission Statement

The past is a mere vapor…. The present is a flat image…
In comparison to the FUTURE…

The FUTURE of life, focus and most of all….
The FUTURE of clothing.

At FUTURE clothing, we don’t bask in the weathered threads of our history, rather…

We sew a fine fiber between what is organic and tangible… and what is completely without fathom.

It is in our DNA to no longer shadow our predecessors, but to erase their footprints and make a path for the future as we know it.

This is our civil creed.