Band on the Rise: Tubelord

For Fans of: Foals, Billy Talent, At The Drive-In, Hot Cross

Why you should listen:

We live in the post-moderen era so what; its all been done before or so i’ve heard. That might be the case but Tubelord brings a fresh approach and likeabilitty not often seen in a first proper release “Our First American Friends”, to a genre that has been under a microscope for the past five years . Based out of “Kingston up Thames England” and consisting of Lead Singer and Guitarist Joe Prendergast, Backing vocalist and Drummer David Catmur and Bassist Damien Fabien Gabet. Their sound has been described as “Pop song for Rock Kids”. The first time this album graced my ears was like the first time i drank a pepsi with poprocks, awesome.

When did Tubelord form and what inspired the name and is this the first incarnation?

Tubelord formed erm…it must have been late 2005/early 2006. To be honest, I’m still just as clueless as to the inspiration behind the name today as I was when Dave first blurted it out, but yes, this is indeed the first incarnation.

With the queen recently announcing the digital commerce bill and the three strike rule and an 80,000 pound fine if your caught downloading; what is your stance on piracy?

What you just mentioned in the question above can be seen as the initial foundations of constructing a sustainable future for the music industry as a whole. We have to realize they (future business models) are to help provide a way for music to be sold (through new vehicles of distribution – mobiles, internet providers, gamers et cetera) and not illegally stolen, thus ensuring the music industry and its commodities are kept economically buoyant, errr so consequentially to the aforementioned, internet piracy is kept at a frozen figure, unable to develop and increase above the actual sales of music. You can see the Digital Commerce Bill as a means to provide for the creative individuals who are losing out on their ideas and recorded efforts being heard and appreciated but not paid for. Yet the effect of piracy on the audience is just as important if not MORE than the individuals selling their music for produce, the display of ownership over the musical recordings helps create a sense of the ‘self’ in relation to the musical act. With this in mind, what is the effect of music piracy in relation to the audience’s own awareness of the ‘self’, if the cultural artefacts of music are bandied about for free without any form of tangibility, what happens to our own self-awareness or… Self-righteousness!… if what we once used as a catalyst for the creation of personality leaves the grip of our hands.

What brought about your teaming up with hassle records, is your goal to segue from hassle to vagrant, and since joining hassle how has that experience helped your band?

What are your feelings towards Hassle? I’d love to hear (or read) what an American perspective is towards the label, perhaps we can talk about this through uStream in December? But yes I digress, hang on errrrm…I think they dug the album and wanted to release it..yeah that sounds correct to me.
As for segueing from Hassle to Vagrant, that process literally, has never crossed my mind. Yet we’ve (David and myself) been having secret van discussions about the second album material, we can’t help but feel that the second album content would be a more suitable release for Full Time Hobby! Hassle have helped us tremendously though and we totally feel like family fuzz-hug-bum-love. Thanks Hassle!

I love the artwork for the album, who created it and what inspired it?

Leemun and Kirst from Kraffhics (art collective based in Leeds –, and myself spent an intense weekend of October ’08 crafting the set from toilet-rolls, glue, hairdryers, paints, paper and pens. Our vivacious photographer friend Stacey Hatfield ( then drove up to meet us in Leeds and photograph the set, which is what you can see as the album artwork and booklet. The moose was cut by Jack Hudson (…the story-line and structure of the artwork was created by Stacey and myself, with Leemun’s desire to materialize his dreams of mountainous terrain as a reality what fuelled the rich landscape.

Tubelord indie music

How was the writing and recording experience for our first American friends? and is the title an inside joke; could you explain where the title comes from?

The title is KIND… of an inside joke… Except that it’s not really a joke but is more of an experience, an experience that took place outside, on a pebble-beach in the South of England with our first American friends and the intoxicated minds of us all.

What influences your music the most?


What can your fans expect going forward into 2010?

That they will remember maybe halfway through February, something of intense, personal value of theirs was left under a rock on the beach of 2009.

When can stateside fans expect to see tubelord?

When several people spanning the states would like us to perform in basement at a cost of travel expenses and a single secret.

  • Zeon

    My pretension level's are thru the roof!

  • Zeon

    My pretension level's are thru the roof!