An Interview with John Waltmann of 2012 Threads and Four Letter Lie

From the moment I came across 2012 Threads I was impressed. They really had the complete package, from professional web design, photography and great looking products top to bottom they really didnt miss a beat with their initial release. We actually even featured them in our top upcoming brands of 2009 a couple months back, in which they placed in the top 5. So I decided to setup an interview with their owner John Waltmann, whom also plays guitar in the band Four Letter Lie and delve a little deeper into 2012 Threads.

So could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? (bio, name, age, porno name)

My name is John Waltmann. I am 23 years young and have been touring with my band Four Letter Lie for the past 6 years of my life. I have personally driven over 250,000 miles in the past 4 years. Getting work done in the morning is definitely the most rewarding feeling. Have handmade over 100,000 one inch buttons for more bands than you could image in the past 4 years(I ran a little button making business to pay for rent on the road.) and I love the people I surround myself with.

When and why did you start 2012 Threads?

The idea to start a clothing company with the 2012 idea behind it came around almost a year ago, last January or February. The first month I spent all day scouring over the internet at every tee/design site I could find. Trying to do as much research on starting a clothing company as I could.  I spent a couple weeks alone going through literally every artist’s portfolio on, trying to select a few to go along with some of the ideas I had for the designs. I was able to introduce myself and my ideas to some really talented artists and that was a cool part about it. I had a lot of faith that it was an original idea that could become successful, that is why I started 2012.

Of course with 2012 approaching the hype and mystery surrounding the end of the world is at all time.  What did 2012 mean to you and why did you decide to start a clothing brand the 2012 concept?

I thought back to the whole Y2K phenomenon and how this could compare to that in time. I started reading all about it through different religions and prophecies and saw that it was a worldwide thing. All the facts and predictions are something that everyone can relate to with an open mind. No one wants to die! I still can’t even say I believe it because what person really wants to know when the world is going to end!? Not me at least.

You are an extremely new company, were their brands that you had looked up to while launching?

I started by just going to my closest and checking out all the different “independent brands that I have come in touch with through my band. Rockett, Electric Zombie, Pyknic, RZST, Fourth World. I was also looking at Obey and Volcom clothing stores to see the differences in all of them.

You guys have done and amazing job setting up a great storefront and taking quality pictures of your line.  Did you want to talk a bit about the inspiration behind going the extra mile?

My whole drive behind starting the clothing company was that I believed it was an original idea with potential. I thought it was always best to try and impress people with the first chance I get rather than them visiting a website that was under construction with some crappy picture of my “shirts” for sale. Plus, I thought the artwork was exceptional and wanted to make sure to showcase that the best I could.

So when can we expect a new line of 2012 Threads to hit the store?

I have a few new designs that I hope to release in the near future! Mayan influenced. I hope to push this first line for all that it is worth and build on getting my shirts in storefronts.

For those people that do not know, you also play in a band called Four Letter Lie.  Is it tough juggling 2012 Threads and being in a band or do you see it as a positive?

It was pretty crazy the last few months juggling the two. We just released a new record a month after I released the first clothing line and it was awesome having all of these new things surrounding me.

Any advice for people thinking about starting a clothing line?

Do your research. Have a plan. Be ready to spend a lot of money on something that you believe in!

Any last minute shout outs or info you want to throw out there?

All the artists that helped me out starting this clothing company. God Machine, Quaker Ninja, AJ @ Collision Theory, and Glenn @ We Are Synapse. And of course a big shout out to you Adam for constantly supporting this company! Cheers

  • Thanks for the shout out John, It was a great project from start to finish, my best e-boss ever, I wish you great success. Nice interview.

  • Thanks for the shout out John, It was a great project from start to finish, my best e-boss ever, I wish you great success. Nice interview.