Huge List of Black Friday Clothing Sales!

The infamous Black Friday is upon us! For some people this is a day of fun and excitement  and for others this is a day to pull the shades, lock the doors and lay low.  No matter what category you fall into this list is for you! Here at IAMTHETREND.COM we decided what better way to celebrate BLACK FRIDAY than to comprise a killer list of Indie Clothing Companies that are having some great sales. After all why shop at the big box stores when you can get much cooler gear online often at a way cheaper price!  And on top of that we are greatly reducing your chances of getting stampeded waiting in line at Walmart.

There are honestly some insane deals listed below.  With over 30 clothing brands listed there is bound to be something for everyone and anyone on your list.  Here is a short list of companies that are having 50% or more off!:

  • 410 BC – 50% off
  • Miles To Go – 50% off
  • Wiftees – All tees only $5.00! marked down from $20.00
  • Goodie Two Sleeves 50% off
  • Shrimp Sauce 50% off

Now most of these sales only last the full day of November 27th, but there are a few companies that are extending their sales through the weekend.  Make sure to visit the site for full details on their sales.

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

So here goes a killer list of Tee Companies and their Black Friday Sales!

410bc Black Friday T Shirt Sale
Use Coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout for a whopping 50% off all items!

jackthreadsblackfriday Jack Threads
Up to 60% Freshjive items on Friday. Also daily deals up to 60% off, You need to sign up to be apart of their community but its FREE!

milestogoblackfriday Miles To Go Clothing
Use Coupon Code “HOLIDAY” for 50% off all items!

rethinkblackfridayRethink Clothing
Use Coupon Code “FRIDAY” for 30% off your entire order!

stheartblackfriday Stheart Clothing
20% off everything no coupon code necessary!

shrimpsauceblackfriday Shrimp Sauce Clothing
Use coupon code “BLACKSAUCE” for 50% off your entire order!

wifteesblackfriday Wiftees
All shirts only $5.00!!! Use coupon code “WIFTEES

Fury Shirts Black Friday SaleSeventh.Ink
Shirts as low as $5.00 and FREE SHIPPING

rockettblackfridayRockett Clothing
Use Code “BOZOBUX40” for 40% off your purchase!

assaultblackfriday Assault Clothing
Shirts Marked down to $19.99

cherrysauceblackfridayCherry Sauce Clothing
All tees are $18 all hoodies are $35

goodietwosleevesblackfriday Goodie Two Sleeves
50% off everything when you use coupon code “YOUCRAZY84” and FREE shipping for orders over $40

victoryfriday Victory Records
25% off everything in their web store! No coupon required

brandedbaronblackfriday Branded Baron
20% and Free Shipping No Coupon Required

heroineblackfriday Heroine Clothing
30% off with coupon code “TURKEY

tilteedblackfriday Tilteed
All shirts only $12.00!

lintyfreshblackfriday Linty Fresh
$55 Hoodie Pack includes 1 Hoodie 1 Shirt and a Belt or $40 Shirt Pack inlcudes two tees and a belt!

disillusionblackfriday Disillusion Apparel
30% off entire purchase with Coupon Code “FRIDAY

feeltheneedblackfriday Feel The Need Clothing
40% all clothing! No Coupon Required

prestigiousblackfriday Prestigious
Use Coupon Code “blkfriday” for 25% off your purchase!

monstarblackfriday Monstar Clothing
All shirts and Belts only $10!

milkeggs Milk & Eggs CO
All Tees 50% off no coupon code necessary!

33% with coupon code “BlackHoodieFriday“!

Electric Zombie Electric Zombie
All shirts from previous lines only $8-$10 and never to be pressed again Static Hood for $25

tshirthellT-Shirt Hell
20% off Everything on the Site! No Code Necessary!

validusblackfriday Validus Apparel
20% off your order with coupon code “BLACK

suckblackfriday Suck! Clothing
40% off your entire order with coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY”

coastalcityblackfriday Coastal City Clothing
All tees only $15!

Simplified Clothing Black Friday saleSimplified Clothing
All Shirts $13 with FREE SHIPPING!

AOKblackfriday AlrightOK
All shirts only $10!

designedextremeblackfriday Designed Extreme
Use coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY”  All items are $5 off !

cottonmouthblackfriday Cottonmouth
Use coupon code “HAPPYFALL” for 10% off your entire purchase!

zlblackfriday Zombie Liquorice
Use coupon code “BLACK” for 15% off your entire order!

finrooblackfriday Finroo
Save $15 when you spend $50

killbrandblackfriday Kill Brand
Use coupon code “BLKFRIDAY” for 35% off your entire order!

thirdshiftblackfriday Third Shift Clothing
40% off with coupon code “TURKEYHANGOVER

crazygoluckyblackfriday Crazy Go Lucky
Use coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” for 25% off your entire order!

culturalcottonblackfriday Cultural Cotton
20% off a t shirts and free shipping!

Cutaway Clothing Black Friday SaleCutaway Clothing
20% off your purchase when you use code “BLACK” Also two shirts for $30 deal.

Outflux ClothingOutflux Clothing
20% off with coupon code “TFLFRIDAY

Omunky Black Friday SaleOMUNKY

Choke on Color Black Friday SaleChoke on Color
20% off when you use the coupon code “BLACK

shirtfight black friday ShirtFight!
Tons of Tees as low as $10!

Fuzzy Ink Black Friday saleFuzzy Ink
25% off everything in the store (no coupon necessary)