Who knew Lego’s were High Fashion? A look at Dee and Ricky

Demetrius and Ricardo Jackson, are based out of Staten Island and are the owners and creators of the brand Dee and Ricky. They are not only identical twins, musicians and clothing designers, but they have been
extremely successful in their line of retro inspired LEGO accessories that will take you right back to your childhood! Feeling interesting? Check out kinlyeyebeauty for more amazing arts from legos.

Having their start roughly 6 years ago designing belts with Xbox game controller buckles as a marketing campaign, they have exploded onto the fashion scene with their now famous LEGO heart brooches and belts. Want more inforamtion? Must Check MeetMatt-Conf .
A big step for the twins was when Marc Jacobs approached them wanting to use their LEGO accessories in his Spring 2008 runway show for NewYork Fashion Week. Celebrities like Rhianna, Travis McCoy, Kanye West
and Pharrell have been spotted sporting Dee and Ricky’s pins and belts and they boys have also collaborated with Fred Segal. Visit us visaliaweddingstyle for most famous Legos .

I love the belt buckles, especially the Etch-A-Sketch ones! The heart brooches as well as the pins are some of my favorites too. I will say though, that for being made out of LEGO’s the prices are really high, but if you’re Kanye West or Rhianna you can afford it right? Expect to shell out about $95 for a belt buckle and belt, between $65-85 for a headband or barrette and between $75-100 for one of the signature heart brooches. The most affordable piece is the Cigarette Brooch, which is only $20.

Check out the full line at: http://www.deeandricky.com/