Behold Cap-Sac: Fanny Packs…For Your Head!

Fanny packs are a thing of the past, but who says we can’t bring them back in style in a completely different way? Cap-sac has produced a collection of colorful hats with pockets that function like fanny packs for your noggin! Available in twelve different colorways, Cap-sac has a hat for every occasion!

Although Cap-sac hats don’t appear to be nearly as functional as fanny packs, they are highly fashionable. I don’t know how comfortable these hats would be if you were to stick all sorts of small items into the pouch, so I would recommend wearing these hats for the shear pleasure of rocking them instead of using them as an extra pocket. Perhaps you can even try leaving a portion of the pocket unzipped for a an even more unique look! I love the array of the neon colors that these caps come in, with my favorites being neon green, flame, and turquoise. If you’re looking for a more muted look, Cap-sac also comes in black, gray, and white versions. Check out the full range of Cap-sac hats at and pick up your favorite colors today!