Who knew porcelain could be this cool?

By Sarah Seemiller

Megan Bogonovich creates wonders out of clay. After finishing art school as well as graduate school, she now works at a local community college in her town of Concord New Hampshire. She creates some of the most beautiful and strange porcelain sculptures I have ever seen!

Her pieces have such a sense of simplistic whimsy that you cannot help but admire them and smile when you see them! I love the attention to detail and glaze work that she does on her more intricate sculptures.
Many of them show a lot of natural textures that remind me of the sea or woods with a feeling of being in Alice in Wonderland to them with the curious disappearing female figures.

Her work has been featured in publications like Artscope and ID Magazines and she also sells her sculptures on
www.artstreamstudios.com as well as www.melabo.etsy.com. Be prepared to shell out a little over a thousand or so dollars for one of her more intricate sculptures. The craftsmanship is so beautiful though that I have no qualms with the pricing.

For those of us that may not be able to afford to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of artwork, she also sells other more affordable pieces as well ranging from about 20 – 60 dollars. Some of the more popular items are the cake toppers, mini sculptures and figurines. I love the mash up designs! The cake toppers with different heads for the man and woman and also the strange altered animals are quite interesting! With over 1,000 sales on her Etsy website to date, it is easy to say that I am not the only person intrigued and impressed by her work!

I highly recommend checking out Megan’s work on both her own personal website and her online shops as well!