17 Awesome Examples of Custom T Shirt Tags

One of the most overlooked details in t shirts are their tags. When I say tags, I am specifically talk about the tags hidden away on the inside of your shirt. The tag that never sees the light of day, and is usually an afterthought. So after coming across some incredibly creative tags that in my mind add value and personality to a brand I decided to put together a list of companies that do an incredible job with their custom tags.

Some of these companies use silk screen tags, providing maximum comfort and that non-itchy woven tag and some of these companies opt for the custom woven tag, which to me comes off a bit more professional.  I even found one brand that uses both a woven and a silk screen tag for the ultimate combination of awesomeness!  Whether you prefer the woven tag or the silk screened tag I think we all can agree that the t shirt tag is becoming an art of it’s own.

Here for your viewing pleasure are 17 custom tags from 17 different upcoming and established indie brands.

Aplomb Clothing Custom T shirt tag
zombie liqourice tag
ugmonk t shirt tag
the printed mind t shirt tag
snakes and suits t shirt tags
Cry Wolf Clothing T shirt tag
seibei t shirt tag
robata brand t shirt tag
rethink clothing t shirt tags
Kill brand emo clothes t shirt tag
Johnny Cupcakes t shirt tags
Distrubia horror clothing t shirt tag
hung out to dry clothing t shirt tags
fuzzy ink t shirt tags
dance party massacre t shirt tags
Skilla Fashion Custom T shirt tag
Glamour Kills Custom T shirt tag

Companies Shown in Order:
Aplomb Clothing | Zombie Liquorice | Ugmonk | The Printed Mind | Snakes & Suits | Cry Wolf | Seibei | Robata Brand | Rethink | Killbrand | Johnny Cupcakes | Disturbia | Hung out to Dry | Fuzzy Ink | Dance Party Massacre | Skilla | Glamour Kills

Do you have a favorite? Leave comments below!