I Fight Dragons Introduce a New Way to Buy Music

Hip scene darlings and Chicago local all star group IFD or I Fight Dragons for the uninitiated have created something that i personally think is going to revolutionize the market place going forward. I loved them the first time i caught a glimpse of the hero clad shirts and nintendo on stage and IATT had the pleasure of being on the same event at I Am Fest at the congress(remember that?).

IFD has always put their music first and this is no exception you can get their EP Cool is just a number for FREEZ by simply joining their mailing list; now i know a ton of you are going to say/think pish ah Beau, whats so original about that? well nothing but thats not why i present this article.

If you are already a member of their mailing list they have a very special treat for fans, i know we’re all hungover from the candy corn coma from Halloween but this is a tip you need to get on. For $100 and $5 shipping you can join the IFD club via USB. You get the flash drive with all their music they have released previously including the weezer cover we discussed on iatt.tv, but thats not all you will also have free access to all their future releases for free and to take it a step further you will be granted free access to all future shows for I Fight Dragons! think about it if you see them three times on average during the course of the year this thing has more than paid for itself and from their it only gets better. Lastly is supports an amazing band that just simply gets it!

Also check out the live video of “heads up hearts down” shot by yours truly at I Am Fest