A Look at upcoming band The Balconies

The Balconies

Hailing for toronto, this trio of classically trained ottawa university students(home of the braves for those of you following at home) just recently released their debut self titled full length.

At the core of the Balconies is sister-brother duo; steve and Jacquie Neville. Steve plays the bass and Jacquie holds down the guitar, backing both of them is Liam Jaeger. Since their inception in 2007 they’ve cultivated a ever growing fan base. Known for their high energy live shows and well cultivated indie pop. The balconies harmonies and sound in general is rich and inviting. After listening to their 11 song debut i find myself loving every song more and more, there really isn’t a weak link across the board.

They’ve played some stand out shows as well sharing the stage with Mother Mother, Land of Talk, The Bicycles, Sister Suvi, and more. The hype they’ve been stirring up in the underground is well deserved.
for fans of the most serene republic, my first earthquake
myspace | myspace.com/thebalconies