How cool is this T Shirt?

Its been a while since I have just been blown away with a tee design, but the guys over at Public Domain Clothing have really knocked one out of the park with their design called Earth Rise! Everything about this tee is spot on, the illusion is perfect and the monochromatic color scale works incredible. I have truly seen very few tees that really demand your attention as much as the Earth Rise tee does.

If you head on over to you will see that PDC has it a lot of great tees to choose from and for a limited time if you buy two tees they will send you another tee for free!

Overall I must say I was pretty impressed with their entire line, and if any of their line looks familiar to you it might be because PDC has been featured in shows such as Chuck, The Big Bang Theory and on Fuse TV. I was blown away by how many celebrities have been seen rocking PDC, such as Seth Green, Asher Roth and of course Paris Hilton. I see big things for these guys in the future and will definitely be keeping an eye on them.

public domain clothing earth rise