Throwboy – As cool as the other side of the pillow

Throwboy pillows comes from the mind of a gentleman named Roberto. They create unique pillows that really capture the spirit of what computers have become to us as individuals and the attachments we have to certain programs. As they state on their website “We know your computer is more than a tool. It’s a constant companion, a friend. A gateway to the great heights of “risqué.” The hub to your very life and existence. But we think it should be more. It should be snuggled close to you as you sleep and clutched tightly in your clammy hands during that especially gruesome scene in The Ring. And, since polycarbonate and aluminum hardly lend themselves to cuddly-comfort, we’ve got the solution.” having said all of that their pillows are created out of quality matierals; they’re hand crafted pillows filled with polyester and one hunderead percent fleace.

Throwboy Apple inspired pillows

As of now they have a three lines of pillows. One set of pillows that represents most of the programs you would find in the “ilife” suite and in the near future they will begin their text pillows. They have also just recently released a line of Halloween inspired pillows, which are my favorite! You can order an individual pillow for twenty nine dollars or you can purchase in sets which can save you some coin!

The pillows themselves measure roughly 9″ x 11″ so if you plan on taking a nap on them they might be a bit small, but as far as a decorative pillow goes they have hit a home run. If your a huge Apple fan boy, or even just like unique and interesting wares for your house,