Have you ever lost a sock?

Website: throx.com


Have you ever done your laundry and somehow mysteriously came up a sock short? I know I have, whether or not there really is a sock eating monster in the drying machines, I will never know, but I always seem to loose at least one sock!

As frustrating as this can be, creator of THROX, Edwin Heaven has come up with an interesting solution; sell socks in pairs of threes instead of pairs! According to him, “If tires come with a spare, why not socks? After all, three beats a pair every time.”

There are many different colors and patterns to choose from, such as the black THROX with hot pink skull and crossbones and the Polka THROX. At twelve dollars per trio, the price isn’t too bad, and even if you loose a sock…you’ll still have a pair to wear!

THROX have also been featured on shows such as The Today Show and MSNBC’s The Big Idea. To me this idea seems almost crazy enough to work! With proper marketing, packaging, and follow through this idea could definitely catch on. My only nugget of criticism would be to have some actual pictures of the products on the website. Mockups are nice, but they can be misleading and turn off potential buyers. With an item such as clothes its always better to see what the product is going to look like in a real-life application. And buyers must make an effort to read reviews on sites like bamboodetective.com to know what to expect from the products.

If you are looking to pick up some THROX you can buy them online or check out this list of retail stores that carries THROX!

Check out THROX at throx.com