Jordan Buckley talks Art and Illustration with Iamthetrend

So could you start by giving us a quick bio, name, age, education… the usual?

Jordan buckley. 27 and 5/6th. founding member of Every Time I Die and proud University of Buffalo drop out.

When did you first realize that you had a love and talent for art?

I drew He Man all my childhood. that’s what made me realize i liked it, and when i won a drawing contest in first grade by drawing our ice cream factory field trip, i think that was the first time i realized that i might be good at it.

jordan buckley

What are some of your earliest memories when it comes to drawing and art?

Ha, i think i just gave you my first two!

I see that you attended college for illustration and then dropped out when ETID went full-time. Do you feel that college had an effect on you as an artist and do you have any plans on going back to finish your degree?

I did learn a lot in my 2 1/2 years there. especially in my figure drawing classes. i drew naked old men or naked fat women in 3 hour blocks, twice a week. great for fundamentals. one time a dude even got a boner. it was great. i always told myself i would go back, but now i’m at a point where i think hard work can get me just as far, if not further, than a college degree.

I absolutely love the illustration you did for the cover of “New Junk Aesthetic” what was the inspiration for it?

Well to be completely fucking honest, each drawing inside the album dealt specifically with the song it is assigned to. so the cover is the only one with more of a general theme. basically, its someone just trying to cover their eyes from their surroundings but finding that it is physically impossible to do so. that’s kind of the way we were feeling when we wrote the music. there is so much inauthenticity and a lack of passion and aggression, that even though i would like to separate myself from that aspect, it’s impossible to do when you tour 10 month a year.

The video for “Wanderlust” came out incredible. How did it feel to see your drawing basically come to life?

Such a relief. when i was told that was the idea, i was so nervous. it’s hard to just put your art in someone else’s hands and hope for the best. it’s such an amazing final product though.

jordan buckley

Do you find easier or more difficult to do art knowing that it will be used for your band and does the band give you direction at all when designing ETID art?

It’s always nerve wracking when there is a chance that people will not like what you create. music or drawings or cookies for that matter! keith gave me great direction so that part was easy. the rest just boils down to confidence and bravery!

Do you have to be in a certain mindset or mood to draw? (Any certain music, time of day, food you need to have, etc)

I have some OCD’s that need to be taken care of. basically i need a clear mind. so i have to be somewhere clean and organized. and if i have little things to do, i have to do them before i can sit down. when i draw, i need it to get my full attention so i dont usually every start drawing before 3pm, which is why i usually end up drawing until the sun comes up. and i love listening to the howard stern show while i do it as well.

Jordan Buckley

How easy or difficult is it to manage trying to be an artist and a full-time musician?

I like it because i dont know how to sit still anyway. so this works out perfectly. especially with all the free time that can come about on tour.

Like any great artist you have a very recognizable style. What or who would you say influenced your art?

Just years and years and years of practice, until i found a medium and style that i was happy with. trust me. i tried it all. pens just do it for me.

Is it possible to buy any of your art or prints online? And if so where?

Yes yes yes. should have a store section launched any moment now!

I see that you did a lot of custom Vans shoe designs, any chance that we can see any of those released to stores?

I fuckin hope so!

jordan buckley

And last but not least that movie could you watch on repeat?

Step Brothers