How many shirts can you buy for $100?

While running I come across some incredible deals on t-shirts which got me wondering just how many tees could I buy for $100. So like for any great mission I set some guidelines to the project to make my tee treasure hunt all the more fun.

The guidelines were I could only buy 1 tee from each store, and to make things easier shipping is not included. Obviously shipping greatly varies depending on your location and is different from company to company. The shirts also had to be available in a medium or a large. I came across a lot of sites that had random sizes on sale, such as XS and XXL, but I wanted to show you that there are great deals to be found in the most popular sizes. So to make things simple I gave myself a strict $100 budget and went searching.

So just how many tees do you think I bought for my $100…

Kill Brand Clothing

Kill Brand – Stretch Armstrong $5 (3 tees)

Shirtfight – Mystery Tee $8

Messhead Clothing

Messhead – Makers of Meaning $6

chop shop clothing

Chopshop – Nerdbot $4.00

UneeTee mystery Shirt

Uneetee- Mystery Shirt – $6

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Never In Wonderland Clothing NIWL

Never in Wonder Land – Cooked to Imperfection – $6.50

Shifted Image Clothing

Shifted Image – Study in Scarlet – $6.00


AOK – Swords – $8

With 20% off Coupon Code:Coty Courtesy of

Electrc Zombie Clothing

Electric Zombie – Bloodshot Black – $8

randr tees

RANDR – Zebra Head – $7.00

lowdtown friends and freaks

Lowdtown Friends and Freaks – $9.00

with Coupon Cody: “Coty” Courtesy of

fuzzy ink clothing

Fuzzy Ink – Start Spreading – $9

this noise apparel

This Noise – Wings V2 – $8.00

iamthetrend shirt

Iamthetrend Logo Shirt – $5.00

So for those of you keeping tally at how thats a grand total of 16 T Shirts! Bottom line is times are definitely tough out there, but you do not need to sacrifice your wardrobe, you just need to know where to look for great deals! Every week IAMTHETREND.COM posts sales and promotions of upcoming indie brands, showing you what’s the coolest and latest clothing coming out, so if I do say so myself, this site is a great place to start looking!

There are a ton of great reasons to shop for indie clothing, and one of my favorite is the prices are usually great. Not only are you getting clothing that is not being mass produced, you are also getting clothing that is usually cheaper than that mass produced mall garbage!

Happy Bargain Hunting!