Band on the Rise: An Horse

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An Horse is what you get when two bored co workers at one of the few remaining indie record stores in Brisbane Australia were working on their music rather than selling cds while the boss is away. Formed in July of 2007 An horse if a duo that found their namesake from an old sweater that a friend gave Kate Cooper(Vocals Guitar) a long time ago and not derived from the fact Damon Cox(Drums) was kicked by a goat, all though to put that into perspective what does that really have to do with a horse?

Rearrange Beds is the duo’s first album; and while all bands aspire to hit a home run in their first at bat, an horse just barely scarped the wall and will have to settle for a triple. In an age when Pretty Girls Make Graves have been laid to rest(pun intended), its refreshing to see someone pick up the quasi riot girl banner and run with it, but don’t let me or anyone just paint them into that corner, the lyrics and minimalistic approach to song writing lead to a refreshing sound these ears haven’t heard in sometime add in some sardonic lyrics like “Like that good Hole album I can live through this” and your bound to find yourself smiling all through out the duration of this debut album.

After sharing stages across Australia with the likes of Tegan and Sarah and death cab for cutie; the duo has been making their way stateside and have recently appeared on the David Letterman show and at SXSW amongst other festivals.