Review of Pet Lions

Review of Pet Lions by: Beau Doran

pet lions


I came across Pet Lions while watching an episode of Heave Media off of youtube. Their music came across a bit refreshing so I decided to download their 5 song EP “Soft Right” they recorded it with Brian Zieske (The Academy Is… & The Hush Sound). Immediately they struck me as a more juvenile version of The Strokes; and i liked it.

pet lions

This is an up and coming band based out of Chicago that will soon be showing up in all the zines that often line the stalls at your favorite dive of a venue. The band started in 2007 when bassist Shuhei Yamamoto and Karl Ostby began writing songs together. Their style is my humble opinion can be best described as bubbly melodies that just seem to drift away and very smart lyrics that might leave a paper cut while walking out of a study hall. Most people who will listen to this EP will immediately say Roman History is the money track but I’m going to take a different approach and say that “i will track you down” really sealed the deal for me. I think this EP is a great jumping off point for a very promising group about to break onto the national radar in the very near future.

I don’t do ratings per-say, so lets just suffice to say that I’ve been listening to it on at least a 72 hour basis.