Hamburger Disco Interview

So could you start with the basics, who you are, what you do at Hamburger Disco, favorite TV show, etc?

Hamburger Disco is made up of Matt Linsangan, Jay Castro, and Rumell Payot. We’ve all been friends since the freshman year of high school.  We’re only a 3-man team so everyone pitches in. We all have a hand in the design.

For the most part Matt handles the day to day and marketing, Jay handles the sales and social networks, and Rumell takes care of the website and all things technical.

Our Favorite TV shows:

Matt – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Jay – Entourage
Rumell – Arrested Development

Why the name Hamburger Disco and while we are at it what the heck is a Hamburger Disco?

The name Hamburger Disco came up one day while we were thinking about the best eras to live in. Hamburger Disco is the combination of the “happy go lucky” 50’s era and the non-stop party era that was the 1970’s. Think ‘Leave it to Beaver’ mixed with with ‘Saturday Night Fever’. It’s the clean cut, ambitious, daydreaming, optimistic, average joe nice guy on one hand, and a party animal on the other.

We can’t really describe what a Hamburger Disco is physically; it’s more of a feeling. If there were an actual Hamburger Disco retail store it would look like a 50’s diner, with disco lighting.  All the workers would have classic getups and would be on roller skates – kind of like servers back in the days of the drive-in.

hamburger disco clothing

If you were to explain the HD style to someone that has never seen your brand, how would you sum it up?

When people hear the name Hamburger Disco they usually think “What the heck is Hamburger Disco? I don’t know what it is, but it sounds like fun!”  And that’s what our brand is all about: fun. Good old fashioned, non-pretentious fun. It’s the kind of brand you’d want to be buddies with, or hit the club with.  In terms of our style, our designs are inspired by what we each individually are all about. We get a nice mix combining each of our interests:

Matt: Saturday morning cartoons, urban vinyl
Jay: Sneaker culture, party rock
Rumell: Classic hip hop, retro

So why start a clothing line?

Matt went to Japan a few years ago and noticed that there were a lot of Hamburger related items. They had everything! T-shirts, erasers, cd cases, poster, backpacks, toys – they really loved the hamburger. I thought it was odd that back here in North America (the founding place of the hamburger), we didn’t celebrate hamburger couture as much as we should. Hamburger Disco was born shortly after.

What are a few things that you have learned in launching Hamburger Disco?

We’ve learned a lot while working on HD. In terms of manufacturing we have this advice to give out to anyone wanting to start a clothing company:

“Sleep with Everyone”. By this we mean don’t just limit yourself to one supplier or printer. Keep trying to find different printers and suppliers while you’re still starting out.

For your line did you hire out artists to complete your vision or was the design done in house?

Our first line was a mixed bag.  We created some of our designs in house, others we sketched  for artists to complete, and others were designed outright for HD by the artists.

What do you feel separates Hamburger Disco from its competition?

With the 1000’s of clothing companies out there, it’s harder and harder to gain an edge.  We’ve found a nice little niche with our mix of fast food and clean, quirky designs.

What are some of your favorite clothing lines?

Kid Robot, Linty Fresh, Johnny Cupcakes, Tokidoki, Shirt Fight, Adidas (the adicolor line), The Hundreds, WrongWroks

Are there any specials or coupon codes our readers should be aware of?

We’ve made one just for your readers:
Coupon code: trendy 10% off your whole order.

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    I didn't read the article, but a hamburger disco sounds like fun!

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    so dope!

  • lillian

    so dope!