Artist Profile: Jason Spencer AKA Killer Napkins

Name/Age: Jason Spencer aka Killer Napkins 22 years old.


Why/How Did you get into design?:
Well I suppose the start of it was at childhood, watching ninja turtles, playing doom and mortal kombat, then redrawing everything and making up my own monsters to fit in doom and whatnot. I always loved art, so I kept doing that throughout my school years through highschool (played in band and took no art in middle school…woohoo) and then I eventually went on to take some classes in this local community college. I had actually started out in fine art, since their fine art program was pretty phenomenal. Their graphic design program was pretty weak and taking fine art there really helped me the most and helped me see the way i do today when i create something. I am more of an illustrator and actually just recently have gotten into tee design and that jazz sometime last summer. It was quite a different way of doing things, but the weird creepy monsters translated well into tee design, which worked out pretty good.

Favorite Project(s) that you have done:
I am honestly just getting my feet wet as far as freelancing goes, but one of the most fun projects I have done was a collaboration with Nick Steimling(heavyprints) . The way we went about passing this little sketch back and forth was a fun way of creating this wild looking creep. I would like to do some more collabs like that in the future when I have some time. Another pretty fun project I have been working on is the SlaughterHouse line. Even though it is a really small start-up, it is fun to finally get to do something with your own shirt designs. Many thanks to MadebyMas.

There are many many things and artists that inspire and influence me. For the longest time I wanted to do concept art for video games, designing wild and wicked monsters that you see in Silent Hill and other gory games hah, so I used to hang out a lot at forums, and there are SO many amazing artists over there that will instantly make me want to go pick up a pen and paper and rock out some crazy shit. Video games and cartoons are definitely inspiration for my artwork. Fat old people bodies would be another. In school that is all we had pretty much, so I learned most of my human anatomy from drawing saggy wrinkly flesh and i think that stands out in a lot of my work ha.

As for specific influential artists, I can name a few that come to mind. Chet Zar, Alex Pardee, Chris Ryniak, and many others. Since i have recently gotten into design i have met a bunch of cool designers (via internet) that I would say helped me figure out how to go about designing for merch. Godmachine, Derek Deal, Horsebites, and Michael Shantz are a few that usually blow me away with their designs.

How would you describe your Style:
Generic, cute, and fluffy…. then on the latter, wrinkly, sexy, grotesque, happy, cuddly, drippy, hatchy, sexy. ( sexy is twice!)

Is this your full-time gig?
This is not my full-time gig, yet. I currently work full-time as a foundation worker, building basements.. fun stuff. I always wonder if I could do this full-time, or would it burn me out on art working for other people a lot. I like to focus a lot of my paintings and sculptures and try to show in galleries as much as possible. I am afraid if I had a full time gig doing commissioned art I would be burned out when it came down to making my own personal projects… I think it could be fun for awhile, but I am happy doing it as a side job now. It would be nice to do something other than foundations that could pay the bills just as well ha.

One Piece of Advice:
Just one, and probably the most important… Never stop drawing and practice all the time. That is pretty much what it comes down to, and don’t limit yourself by just doing one medium. Try out new things and just see how you feel. When it comes to creating designs, almost every sub category in art overlaps into it. Whether it would be sculpting, painting, print making, illustration, photography, or graphic design. All of it is useful and most will even overlap into one another. So don’t be shy.

Favorite Medium: It is hard to choose just one favorite, but I have been in love with oil paints lately and my ballpoint pen.

Favorite Website: 😉

Favorite Band at the Moment:
I have been listening to a lot more indie/punk/folk lately. I am going to say Jeffery Lewis has some great lyrics to jam out to.

Favorite Clothing Line:
I have been fond of what 410bc has been putting out, along with Mishka and also Drop Dead. Although i don’t have a single shirt from any of those brands. Someday… someday.