Artist Profile: Sol Amstutz

sol amstutz


Sol Amstutz / 22



I just graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a focus in Graphic Design. Before college I took every art class in school that I could and got in a lot of trouble for drawing in my other classes instead of paying attention.

Why/How Did you get into design?:

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I’ve always kind of had a natural talent for art. When I was young my dream was to become a concept artist for Blizzard because of the art I saw people doing for Warcraft and Diablo so I drew a lot of monsters and that type of stuff early on. The whole concept art thing never really progressed, but I got pretty heavy into the local music scene in high school and one of my buddies told me one day that I should design merch for bands because he thought I’d be good at it. It sort of just naturally progressed from there and here I am.

Sol Amstutz Art Illustrator

Favorite Project(s) that you have done:

One of my first big projects was when I was contacted by Oliver Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon. He was fun and really easy to work with and I enjoyed that a lot. I’ve also done a few shirts for Mychildren Mybride and it’s the same thing with those guys, just really easy going and fun to work with. I’d also have to mention my friends in This or the Apocalypse. I’ve done a lot of work for them and they have a lot of hilarious ideas that I love to work on for them.


I am a huge fan of guys like Horsebites, Godmachine and Dan Mumford. They are all really owning the game right now. Aside from that, I also get inspired by a lot of other contemporary artists like James Jean, Tomer Hanuka, Jeff Soto, Alex Pardee, John Dyer Baizley, Florian Bertmer…and the list could go on. I really respect guys who still hand render because there has been such a huge shift to all things digital lately.

Sol Amstutz Art Illustrator

How would you describe your Style:

Eclectic. I don’t even know if I have a specific style right now. I am always constantly changing and evolving the way I do things because I get really bored with myself if I do things the same way in all my pieces. I might do something that is extremely intricate and complicated one day, and turn around and do something very basic and simple the next. The more I work the more I think I will develop certain ways of doing things that will be recognizable as unique to me, and maybe I already do, but I would never want to be pigeonholed to the point where people would think it was strange if I decided to do something different.

Is this your full-time gig?

For the first time it is! I was really excited to graduate from school so I could finally get to design full time. I think I still have a lot of growing and learning to do as a designer, so hopefully the more I work at it the more successful I will become at it. I’m hoping this will continue to be my full-time thing, but with the economy the way it is currently who knows what will happen. Fingers crossed!

One Piece of Advice:

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to work hard. I believe a designer will only be as good as the time they put into the work. It really shows when you’ve worked hard and put a lot of yourself in to a project. If you get lazy it will definitely be reflected in your work. Also, sketch sketch sketch sketch!!

Favorite Medium:


Favorite Website:

Favorite Band at the Moment:

I’m listening to a lot of Kings of Leon and Foals lately. Other than them I’m really into Maritime, Pelican, The Acacia Strain, and Ultra Dolphins

Favorite Clothing Line:
I always like the stuff 410 B.C. puts out. I also hear that this company called Lock&Load Apparel has some awesome new stuff coming out (*cough* that i just happened to design *cough*).