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Travis Cook


I’ve taken a few art classes over the years. I graduated highschool this year, and I plan on going to George Mason in the future and majoring in graphic design or fine arts.

Why/How Did you get into design?:

I’ve always been really into drawing and art growing up, but I really got into designing about two years ago. It started that I would draw up default pictures for little bands on myspace in return for them putting a link to my bands myspace on their page, and then as I got better I started charging actual money. haha.

Favorite Project(s) that you have done:

I really like this one design I made in December last year. It’s of this giant creature reaching for a girl on a tropical island. I guess I still like it because I think monsters are really cool? I don’t know. I usually start to dislike my old designs after a while. haha I think it’s going to be for Rockett Clothing. I’m not totally sure though.

Travis Cook Rockett


As a kid I used to collect comic books and I got lots of inspiration from them. I’d say my biggest inspirations have been Chad Lenjer, Mark Riddick, John Dyer Baizley, Pushead, and Tom Denney. As of late though, I’ve really been enjoying the stuff put out by Godmachine, Brandon Heart, Dan Mumford, and Alex Norman. They’re all really great artists and I can only hope that one day I’ll be as good at them!

Travis Cook

How would you describe your Style:

I’d say my style isn’t completely developed yet, but it’s getting there. If I had to describe it, I’d say dark,complex, full of skulls. haha

Is this your full-time gig?

I guess you can say it’s my full time gig; I don’t have a job outside of designing. I still live at home with my parents, but when I move out I’ll probably try to get a consistent job also just in case I start sucking it up with my designs.

Travis Cook

One Piece of Advice:

Practice, practice, practice. I actually use MS Paint for a good portion of my designing process. It’s not the normal way by any means, but I practiced and experimented until I got good enough to make some cool shirt designs. Also, when it comes to hand drawn designs, you can’t have a good design without good line art to back it up. Practice drawing the basics until you’ve got them down before trying to be the next Dan Mumford.

Favorite Medium:

Ink definitely. I draw with pencil first then go over with MICRON pens. I’m not too up to date on all the latest designing technology (i.e. tablets) and I also like having tangible drawings lying around that I can show people without running to the closest computer! I enjoy experimenting with stuff as well. Sometimes I get bored of the design I’m working on at the time and just draw something using random mediums. I used tie dye inks to render a skull on a white shirt once. It looked pretty cool.


Favorite Website: (represent!)

Favorite Band at the Moment:

Carnifex probably. It really depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I like classical, sometimes I like death metal!

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