Band on the Rise: Conditions

A few months back I was cruising along and saw that they had released their top 21 Unsigned band list for the year. After stumbling in and out of a few of the band’s pages I came across the Conditions page, and was blown away. It has been some time since I have found a band that has really excited me! If your into bands such as Saosin, Funeral for a Friend, or Secret & Whisper, Conditions is right up your alley.

Here is a quick list of the accomplishments this band has achieved all while being unsigned.
-Top 21 Unsigned Bands on
-Overseas tour with Paramore
-750,000 listens on
-Over 10,00 friends on
-Shot a music video for Keeping Pace with Planes


I honestly feel that this band could be one of the next to blow up.

And now, on with the interview!

Alright so who is your daddy and what does he do? Wait I mean who are you and what do you do?

Haha…sadly I’m just plain oldBrandon Roundtree…and instead of being a killer robot or a last action hero…I just sing

So how and when did Conditions form?

Conditions came together about 2 years ago…we formed from the dismembering, or deaths, of previous bands around Richmond…we’ve all known each other forever and thought it would be fun to play together

Well you guys sound great together! Do us all a favor and keep this lineup!

Haha…you’re gonna make me blush my cheeks off! They’re all good guys…I like them…and ill make sure we stay together forever

Huge congratulations on being selected as one of the top 21 unsigned bands on! Did you guys have any idea that you were going to be apart of that list? And has it opened any for you guys?

Thank you! we were excited to hear that we were among the lucky few. We had no idea…we just play music and let what’s gonna happen happen. It definitely came with perks though…I mean…we have this cool banner on our myspace page now

Well I must say that I’m not alone when I say how are you guys not signed yet? have you guys been entertaining any offers?

Ah yes the label question! Haha….with this band, we wanted to “keep it in the family”, so to speak, until we hit a ceiling…until we absolutely could not do anymore by our lonesome…being in previous bands, and watching the music business and its trends, we just want to make sure that this band is taken care of…because we really believe in what we are doing…on another note, we are band that thrives off making real deep connections in every aspect…we love our fans, we know them by name, we know its them who allow us to do what we do…and whose to say we can’t have a relationship like that with a label? That’s what we are after…less business, more family…thus the hold out..we haven’t found it yet

That’s a great attitude to have! That brings me to my next thought. From the outside looking in you guys look and sound signed. You have even done things such as tour with Paramore and shoot a music video. How have you guys been able to accomplish these feets by yourselves?

Haha it may be overly Utopian…but we can’t help the way we work…. We are all perfectionists…it gets a little clashy with differing opinions and stubbornness haha, but I guess the end result is what we’re striving for….we want to look and sound and conduct ourselves very “put together” because, as I’ve said, we are very proud of what we are doing…we believe in it.

As far as the things we’ve accomplished…we’ve simply been fortunate enough to come into contact with people who believe in us too…its awesome…and I always say that we are a band of over 1000 people…we’re a little army haha

You guys have been releasing a new song every week for the past few weeks. How many do you plan on releasing and when can we buy them!

The new songs that we plan on posting, are all posted haha…and we honestly don’t know when our beloved public will be able to buy them…goes back to the ever elusive label haha

Its such a tease being only able to listen to them online!

And I hate teasing you! If I had my way, I’d give them all out for free because lyrically these new songs mean the most to me and I want people to know what I’m thinking, and maybe, that they’re not alone if they feel the same way

So do you have a favorite city to play in?

I love everywhere…but if I had to choose I’d probably have to say new york city…every time its just been a party

So what have you been listening to lately?

Lots of kings of leon…radiohead and NIN as always…and a little of my guilty pleasures katy perry and lady gaga…laugh all you want

LOL, Amazing! I guess we all have our guilty pleasures! Katy Perry did look pretty hot in her fruit dress on the Grammys!

Yep….don’t be surprised if the next song from Conditions is a club banger

Couple quick questions, Favorite movie:


Favorite website?

PORN haha….nooooo…either or….I’m obsessed with English premier league soccer.

Last but not least what are you looking forward to most this year?

Going to places we haven’t been before…meeting new people and sharing knowledge…and if all goes according to plan, finding Conditions a label…specifically so we can stop answering the why not signed question haha…

LOL, you know I had to ask! Well good luck and keep rocking! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and do this interview!

Haha…yeah yeah, Thank you my friend! It was fun!