Dynomighty Design

Website: dynomighty.com

“Dynomighty Design established in 2002 seeks to create a vibrant array of products to complement and accentuate the modern urban lifestyle with the designs of Terrance Kelleman. Dynomighty seeks to educate and impact people with products that influence their lives and perceptions. We want you to reach out and touch the products, play, learn and discover. We want to achieve this with simplicity of materials and economy of design. The best product ideas are often the simplest ones. Products that have a simple use of materials and an elegant solution of form and function stand out in the marketplace, spark consumer interest and create demand.”

Dynomighty Design carries a wide array of awesome products, one of these being link-less magnetic jewelry. You can purchase everything from rings, to bracelets and chokers that are beautifully designed and hold themselves together simply by the force of magnets! They also have exclusive patent rights to this type of jewelry, which I think is uniquely awesome as well. Prices for the jewelry range from twelve dollars for a simple ring, to sixty-five dollars for a necklace.

You can also find some very cool totes, luggage tags and wallets that are all very eco- friendly and made from Tyvek material. You know like the express mailers you get at the post office that are impossible to break into or tear? Each wallet, tote, and luggage tag has a unique design or print on it and I especially love the wallets with the subway maps printed on them! They are also very reasonably priced at just ten dollars for the luggage tags, fifteen dollars for a snazzy wallet and only twenty dollars for a tote bag! You seriously can’t beat that!

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