Melanie Favreau, jeweller extradordinaire!

Melanie Favreau is an artist and jeweller extraordinaire! Working with both sterling silver and brightly colored resins, she creates wearable
art, whether it’s a pair of simple geometric earrings or a stylish owl or mustache pendant!

I personally LOVE the ‘Milk and Bread’ pendant! Who would have thought you could make a stylish piece of jewelry from what looks to be a shiny bread bag tag! Love it! Here is a little interview I did with Melanie!


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Mélanie Favreau and I’m a jeweler for more then 8 years now. I live with my hubby in the city of Montréal, in the province of Québec, Canada. I’m also a crazy cat lady (I have 5 cats) and I love cheese and eyeglasses 🙂 I only sell my jewelry online on a few websites: Etsy, Supermarket, Dawanda and Artefaks.

When did you start and what got you interested in jewelry making?

In 1998, I moved in Montreal and found out that university was definitely not what I expected! So, I drop out of my philosophy class and started a class of jewelry making for 3 years at the École de Joaillerie de Montréal and finished in 2001. Then I started to work for other jewelers for 5 years. I always knew that someday I would be my own boss but, I wanted to get some experience first. I started
selling on Etsy the day of my 30th birthday, November 29th 2007 and got my first order a week later!

Why do you work with sterling silver and resin as opposed to other materials?

When you learn to make jewelry, you start to work with copper and sterling because it’s an inexpensive material. I love to work with sterling now for the same reason! Would you buy a 300$ moustache ring? I don’t think so! Seriously, I really love working with sterling and resin because I can turn it into any crazy idea I may have and I know it will still be affordable for most of my customers. It’s really
important to me to be able to make nice custom made pieces of jewelry that will really mean something to you or to the one you love but at a reasonable price.

What inspires you and how do you come up with new designs?

Recently, I found out that I get my best ideas when…I’m angry! Crazy, isn’t it? Is there a psychotherapist in the room? But when I’m happy (99.99% of the time!) I like to get a pen and some paper and start to draw shapes, words and ideas. I got tons of small papers all around my computer with little sketches that will turn into a piece of jewelry…or not! My husband loves it! 😉

Any advice for someone trying to open their own online business/shop?

Do it now! It is the best way to express yourself and make your creations available to the whole world! Don’t censure yourself, do what you love and only what you love. Take your passion and try to turn it into a profitable business but, don’t try to do it JUST to make money. Always keep the faith! Try not to get discourage if it
doesn’t work as well as you thought. Give it some time, be patient. For me, Etsy is the best way to start your own little business. So, now your Etsy shop is full of nice stuff and now what? Get out there! My favorite thing now is Twitter but I also like Flickr. I know, I should have a Facebook page and a blog but, I got to make jewelry too, you know? 😉

What’s the best part about living in Canada?

Maple syrup…it’s just the best! lol!

Check out Melanie’s jewelry at!