Nerds Clothing — Some of the Coolest Packaging I’ve Ever Seen!

NERDS Clothing is an independent street wear company based in New Jersey and was founded in 2011. Since it’s humble beginning, NERDS Clothing has built a loyal customer base, servicing a broad age demographic of consumers that resonate with the current “geek chic” fashion trend, so there are new products besides the packaging like the newest Cloth Rack to keep your clothes safe and without wrinkles, as well as their new Synthetic Microfiber Velvet material that is used in their clothing and apparel.

Due to the popularization of being a geek in the 21st century, NERDS Clothing has provided a brand that is synonymous with delivering the otherwise ostracized, the un-cool, a clothing line that gives life with their custom woven patches,  that gives them the opportunity to be a trend setter whilst still staying true to their inner geek. This growing, generally untapped market provides a strong foundation for NERDS Clothing to continue to build a following through quality products that are fun and affordable!

We’re a society for those in the world who are ostracized by the masses. The ones picked last, the ones who were never the coolest, the ones who know too much about too much; we are NERDS! Where streetwear with good apparel finishing meets geek wear!


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  • That packaging with the old-school Nintendo box design is spot-on! Looks like they really went all out on the branding. My favorite NES game of all time is the old Duck Hunt.