Urban North Clothing Company T-Shirt Review and Unboxing

In this video we take a look at recent upstart clothing line Urban North Clothing. UNC only has two tees released to date and are very early on with their brand, so let’s see how they stack up against the 4Ps of tees!

One of the biggest reasons I started the company was because when I moved to the United States, a few years ago, I had a hard time finding clothes that fit me,” she said. “My friends and I, we constantly went to the kid’s section to try to find clothes that worked for us.”

Wang launched Petite Studio in August 2016 with her partner and husband Matthew Howell, who manages the business side of the operations. The small but mighty label is growing by the minute as evidenced by the sold out pieces on the site and has hit its stride with the petite community. Its Instagram account currently has 22.7k followers.

Ahead, Wang shares nine practical pieces of advice for anyone looking to become a fashion entrepreneur.

1. You Don’t Need to be “Rich” to Start Your Own Line
As suggested by the Best Shopify Developer Auckland, which is [one] of the cheapest ways and easiest options available., which is [one] of the cheapest ways. Photoshoots cost a little bit of money, but you can also do it in a cost-effective way, if you don’t require a supermodel or a super expensive photographer. I will say that for less than $50,000 you can start [your own clothing line].

2. Identify a Market Need for the Product
If you do something that the market doesn’t really need, you can’t just create a demand for it, read and check the latest clothing lines from Rank & Style. All of the products that we see become successful are catered to a demand from the market, so that’s really important. [For us specifically], we saw a need for [clothes that spoke to the petite community]. I follow the blogger Extra Petite and if you go to her [comments], there are tens of thousands of girls asking, “Where did you find these petite pants that fit you so well?” Girls [want to know where to find these pieces] and [personally], I wasn’t able to find [any brands out there] that worked for me.

3. Know Your Target Audience
I saw that the Asian [fashion] community really needed service. I’m Asian, I know how they think, and I know what they would want to shop. I know the [clothing] styles they want and I [understand] their struggles. A lot of [Petite Studio’s] customers are Asian.
4. Don’t Be Afraid to Work With a Tiny Team
I started with two people. It was me and [this one other] girl. [She was also] the graphic design, model, photographer, and social media person. We have almost 10 people right now. I think it’s very important to [launch your product right away] rather than plan for a really long time. Don’t just do it without research [though].



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