Loner Rebel

Q: Welcome to I Am The Trend! Introduce yourselves and tell us what part you play in Loner/Rebel.
Trevor & Cody here. We co-own and operate this mad house.Q: Tell us about Loner/Rebel and how it came to be.Trevor: After touring for years in our band, Cody and I had seen enough garbage clothing lines. Cody brought up the idea to start something that really resembled what, and who, we are; and what we stand for.

Cody: Bottom line: normal is boring. We don’t live that way, most people don’t want to live that way but don’t know how to do anything different. We built a brand around the idea of rebelling from the status quo and just doing what makes you come alive. LR is just a representation of how we live. It’s not a new idea, we just gave it a symbol.


Q: How has the brand developed since it was first launched?

Trevor: It’s really developed in a rad way. We stand for going against the normal ideas that we all tend to think we’re “supposed” to follow. So in that, we’ve gotten the chance to see people really come into that same mindset, and embrace it. It’s a club.

Cody: I swear this thing kind of has a mind of it’s own. The direction is constantly moving and adapting over time in small ways. The big idea is always the same, but new ideas are always coming into play. Some get scrapped, some we roll with. It’s one big crap shoot. Throw it to the wall and see if it sticks. Spoiler alert, we are gearing up to launch a leather line. So there’s a huge new development. It’s been fun to see people adopt the lifestyle behind the brand and blast it on social media. It really is like a club. Also, as it turns out I love shipping. One of my favorite things to do is hit the warehouse, put on some good jams and pack orders for a few hours.

Q: Motorcycles and Americana play a large part in Loner/Rebels general aesthetic. How have these things inspired you to create Loner/Rebel and what other influences have helped shaped the brand?

Trevor: I think we pull from a lot of influences. We never want to copy anyone out there. The influences that help shape us are the ones we have the most respect for, so copying them would be an injustice for sure. The brand that you see, really comes from what we think is “cool” to be honest with you! Motorcycles, tattoos, rock n roll, americana, adventure, etc, it’s all cool to us. I think, when looking at brands we respect, they just influence us to not suck! They’re doing something cool, and we want to as well. We put thought into every single detail in this company. This isn’t a hobby for us. It’s purely a passion-driven thing.

Cody: As I said before, this is just a representation of our lives. Motorcycles and rock n roll is a huge aspect of our lives and naturally it’s a big part of LR. We aren’t faking it or riding a trend-train. This is just what we do. This is what we like.


Q: You both also have experience in screen printing. Has this helped shape Loner/Rebel in anyway?

Trevor: Absolutely man. It’s helped us know what we can, and can’t do. It also has helped us offer a product that fits well, feels good, and lasts. We don’t want to be a company that puts out cheap garbage. That’s not our game at all. We’d rather pay the extra buck or two, and make sure that you love what you paid for with your hard earned money.

Cody: Working a press, you figure out quick what does and doesn’t work. Now that we are on the other side of things, we know what we can print and what is gonna look good before we ever have to be told. It’s saved a lot of time and kept us from wasting money on designs that may look cool but won’t translate to print.

Q: Do you experiment with different ink types and processes for your designs?

Trevor: Totally. Everything we put out as far as apparel, is all discharge or waterbase inks. We like to pair this up with a poly-blend garment if we can. This creates that super soft vintage feel. After 1 wash, it’ll be right there with your favorite Guns n’ Roses shirt from the 80’s.

Cody: From the beginning the vision has been to offer apparel that looks and feels vintage. Let’s get real, vintage tees ALWAYS look cooler and feel better. Having a background in screen printing, we know how to get that. LR customers get apparel that looks and feels like it’s been worn for years without having to wait those years to get it.


Q: You guys also sponsor house shows on occasion. Have these shows helped shaped the culture that is Loner/Rebel? Tell us more about Loner/Rebel events.

Trevor: 100%. It’s funny man. People have been like “You guys had almost 100 people at your house at one time???” Our response is usually, yeah… why wouldn’t we? People don’t get too out of control. We’ve literally set up the pop-up shop in the kitchen, and slung our brand right there. Do whatever you have to do to get it in people’s hands. If that means offer them a free beer at your house party, then maybe they’ll buy a t-shirt on the way out after a solid conversation with you about what that brand is all about.

Cody: Last New Years we decided it would be fun for LR to throw a party. We rented a space, got a couple kegs, sent out some flyers, and crossed our fingers. Figured a handful of our friends would show up. No kiddin’, 250 people showed up before midnight and we had that place at capacity. I swear I didn’t know 3/4 of the people in there. The brand was 6 months old at the time. That’s when I realized, holy crap, this is a real thing. People respond to the physical presence of an idea they can get behind. Since then I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for a chance to be more than a company that lives inside the internet. House parties, shows, bike shows, festivals; that’s where I wanna be.

Q: Future plans for the brand?

Trevor: Local expansion. We both live in Nashville man, and we’ve been focusing on our online sales a ton, but we really want to shift to a local focus now. This city is growing, evolving, and is a little ahead of its time. There’s a cool culture out here, and people are already living the LONER/REBEL lifestyle, and don’t even know it. All they’ve gotta do now is buy the shirt to solidify the deal.

Cody: Trevor nailed it. Brick and Mortar is the dream for me right now. A place where we can not only have a storefront and expand the brand in that regard, but a space for the parties and the bike shows and events. More like a clubhouse than a shop. A permanent physical presence for the lifestyle. That’s where I see the future of this brand.


Q: Closing comments?

Trevor: Live fast. Live free. Do what makes you feel alive. You don’t have to be something that someone else says you do. That’s garbage. You do you. To us, that’s the “Loner/Rebel way”, and it hasn’t let us down yet.

Cody: Do what you gotta do to survive but keep chasing the dream, and if you caught it keep on livin’ it. We live in a pretty rad world if you take the blinders off and check it out. You don’t have to live your life inside the lines. They’ll tell ya you do, but you don’t. If you’re bored, it’s your own fault. Get outside your box and live a little, man.

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