IAMTHETREND TV: Guess Who’s Back?

After a short three year hiatus I’m back with the 4Ps of Tees! Currently accepting submissions from brands wanting be reviewed on future episodes of IAMTHETREND TV. If you’re interested shoot an email to [email protected]

Excited to be back and can’t wait to start delivering new episodes in the near future!

IAMTHETREND is sponsored by Threadbird Printing


  • Glad to have you back, missed the show!

  • Brooke N Josh

    Dude its great your back. Ive watched all your videos. You been a great inspiration to me just how honest and the detailed reviews you give. Welcome back our brand is been in the making for the past 1 1/2, and it would be a honor for the legend of the 4p’s to grade our brand will be in touch