Heart City Apparel – Apparel by artist for their cities


At Heart City, we believe in giving you the best of everything. That means giving youart the best clothes, with the best art work that gives back to the best charities. That way you always do good and look fresh.


We sell clothes designed by artists and give back to their communities. We pay the artist a stipend for the design and then for every item sold we give $1 back to the artist and $1 back to a homeless charity in their city.

Now think about this…when you look in your closet, does an outfit do so much?

  1. Supports local artists
  2. Gives back to a great cause
  3. Has an incredible, stringently selected design that makes you look the flyest
  4. Is affordable


After failing three job interviews as a senior in college, I decided to start something on my own. Walking around Montreal I kept noticing that right next to the city’s beautiful murals there were countless homeless people. I figured that if great art could be exposed, it could help both the artists and the homeless. And so, Heart City Apparel began. The name comes from the idea that Art gives life to the city and through Heart City Apparel, art gives life to the homeless as well.