Made With Awesome Owner Launches New Project on Kickstarter

Made With Awesome co-business-owning main man Roni Lagin aka is doing a personal art project on Kickstarter and it’s pretty crunchy and swell.It’s called Delicious City Prints and it’s a series of high-quality prints dedicated to name-checking the sometimes surprising foods and treats that spring out of a city’s unique environment and culture.

Here are the cities featured in the project for your eyes to feast on. Careful, don’t stare too long or your retinas will get too full for your eyelids to close!

Make sure to drop by the Kickstarter page and help make this happen:

  • Guest

    Love the work, and it actually just made me want some pizza and if the clouds didn’t look like they were going to crack i’d get a slice!

  • William Focus DuBois

    Love the look, and If I were a braver man, i’d go out in this storm and get me a slize of pizza right now!