IAMTHETREND 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012


After three consistent EPs released in 2011, these pop-punk new comers are currently in the studio recording their first proper full length. Although the label, release date, and album title have yet to be released, there is already a lot of buzz surrounding this release. By the end of 2012, expect these 4 guys (and gal)

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Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend released one of the best albums in 2010 with their first full length End Measured Mile. After experimenting with acoustic guitars on their 2011 EP, Part and Parcel, Make Do and Mend will be back to their hardcore punk sound on their Rise Records debut. Expected to be released this summer, this yet-to-be titled follow up gives fans of the new wave of Rise Records signings something to look forward to.

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Silverstein has been around for over ten years. During these ten years, the group has perfected their sound over the course of five albums. This year, these Canucks are throwing that out the window for their release, Short Songs. The record will be comprised of twelve new tracks, and twelve covers of old school punk and hardcore songs. With each track coming in at less than 90 seconds, there is no doubt that Silverstein is going for one of the most innovative releases in their genre. Short Songs is set for release on February 7th, on Hopeless Records.

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Although Daylight just released their latest EP on January 3rd, the group has plans to release their debut full length on Run For Cover records later this year. The band’s latest offering has shown a transition from a Title Fight-esque sound, to something more similar to Balance and Composure. After four EPs, there is no doubt that fans are eagerly anticipating a full length record from Daylight.

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Such Gold

One of the latest additions to Razor and Tie records, Such Gold meshes both pop-punk and hardcore, creating a sound quite similar to The Movielife. The band is two EPs and two splits deep into their discography, and if their four 2011 tracks are any indication of what their debut full length will sound like, Such Gold will be at the top of their scene before 2012 is over. This still untitled release is due out April 10th, wia Razor & Tie.

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With bands like Touché Amoré, Defeater, and Former Thieves having released full lengths in 2011, Xerxes will be filling the void that those bands have left. These recent No Sleep records signees have a lot of buzz surrounding their first full length. The hardcore scene best be looking out for Xerxes in 2012, because if the bands previous output is any indication, Our Home is a Deathbed will be one of the most destructive releases of 2012. Our Home is a Deathbed will be out March 13th, via No Sleep Records.

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Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon gained a lot of fans with their 2010 full length, There is A Heaven, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Hell, Let’s Keep It A Secret. As one of the most improved bands from their 2006 debut, the next logical progression will likely make Bring Me The Horizon one of the biggest and best bands in the metal genre. Bring Me The Horizon’s upcoming album is expected sometime this fall/winter.

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Dikembe released the best EP of 2011. Hands down. With that said, there is a lot of anticipation behind their upcoming album, Broad Shoulders, both from myself and their ever-growing fanbase. Besides a few tracks, not much has been released about Broad Shoulders, but if Chicago Bowls is any indication, this album will end up on many top ten lists come this time next year. Broad Shoulders is expected in early 2012, via Tiny Engines.

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Say Anything

After mixed reception for their self-titled release in 2009, fans might be sceptical about Say Anything’s upcoming album, Anarchy, My Dear. But after the release of the first single, Burn a Miracle, many fans are back on the Say Anything bandwagon. The track has the same feel to it as the group’s double album, In Defense of The Genre. Anarchy, My Dear is expected to be released in the spring, via Equal Vision records.

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The Story So Far

After creating one of the best pop-punk albums of 2011, the Story So Far are already in the studio again. Their 2011 full length, Under Soil and Dirt, received much praise from online forums and reviews alike. No further information has been released on the upcoming release, but fans of the genre eagerly await to hear what the group has in store for the follow up to one of the most buzzed about albums of 2011.

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