Andy from HideYourArms Launches Rigu, Cool and Colorful Camera Accessories

I absolutely love seeing fellow bloggers venturing out behind the blog and starting their own businesses. The latest venture comes to us from Andy Bowness of in the form of some very cool camera accessories. His new company called Rigu has a strong belief that camera accessories do not need to be dull and drab in color.

Products on Rigu right now include a very colorful assortment of camera straps and bags as well as some cleaning accessorries and a tripod attachement that reminds of the Glif called the Sidekick.

Although I am not an expert when it comes to camer accessories Rigu’s prices seem pretty fair ranging from £2.99 to £9.99 for most products. The company is based out of the UK so if you are in the states expect to lose out a bit when it comes to shipping and exchange rates.

Rigu has also great features which makes it very versatile. You can actually get accessories to mount it to many surfaces, even straps for dogs so you could monitor your dog’s daily activities for a few hours until the battery dies. Tree House Puppies previously announced a discount for the camera launch for the first 50 people to purchase the camera kit.

Check out everything Rigu has to offer at

  • Alejandrobles

    it reminds you of the Glif or its the Glif with a  different name… ?

  • The Glif had somehow passed me by until after I’d ordered the iphone tripod mounts, once I found out about the Glif I wasn’t really sure what to do because the two do look exactly the same, and they seem to even be shipped with similar packaging. It says on the back of the packaging “Designed in America made in Taiwan” or something similar to that, which made me think that maybe they were licensed by Glif but that seems quite unlikely.

    I think that after I have sold the small amount of stock that I have I probably won’t be ordering more because I wouldn’t want to be associated with a ‘fake’ product. It’s a pity really because it’s good quality, a useful little device (I used it last night to make a timelapse video), and I have them available in white which the Glif people don’t seem to yet.

  • Alejandrobles

    Ah ok, to be honest i thought you designed it… and was not aware of the Glif.  Yes if i was your I wouldn’t associate myself with that particular product.  You have a dope ass blog and wouldn’t want ppl thinking the wrong things. aight Andy be good, keep rocking the blog.



  • I bought a red Dreamer strap a little while back. Awesome product – keep it up Andy.