Album Review: Transit “Listen & Forgive”

On October 4th, we received a new album from another one of Rise’s new signees, deemed the “WTF” signing. This time around, the new album was Boston, Massachusetts’ Transit. After two full-lengths and a couple EPs, Transit decided to switch up their sound for 2011. While their older material was fairly standard pop-punk, their most recent works have leaned much more to an emo sound, or “post-pop-punk”, a term coined by some on online forums. The first tastes of this sound came from Indoor Voices, and the Record Store Day 7”, Promise Nothing. Now Transit are back with their third full length, Listen & Forgive, and a full dosage of their new found identity.

From the very first moments of the opening track, “You Can’t Miss It (It’s Everywhere)”, it is obvious that Transit are no longer a pop-punk band. “Long Lost Friends”, the first single from the album, is the best piece of music Transit has released so far. With Joe Boynton’s angsty lyrics, and the rest of the groups new found musicianship, the track is the perfect representation of the “new” Transit. “All Your Heart” shines due to a guest spot from Fall Out Boy vocalist turned pop solo act, Patrick Stump. As Joe B. calls out music critics for their “cynicism”, the listener can’t help but sing along to one of the catchiest choruses the band has written. Not to mention the wonderful treat that it is to hear Stump sing over rock music once again.

Some listeners may remember “Cutting Corners” from the studio session videos leading up to the release of Listen & Forgive. The previously heard second of the track teased at what is one of the most essential tracks from the album. More of Joe B.’s great lyrics, matched with the semi-acoustic nature of the song make for a pleasant listen. As the album approaches its end, we are treated to a re-recording of “1978”, the original version being from Something Left Behind. Although the new version doesn’t have the aggression heard in its original form, the re-recording work perfectly on Listen & Forgive, and ultimately sounds much better than that from Something Left Behind.

It is very obvious that Transit took some different influences on Listen & Forgive than they did on previous albums. Guitarists Tim Landers and Torre Cioffi’s American Football inspired guitar work make Joe B.’s vocals fit into Transit’s music more than they ever have before. Sure we will all remember song like “Please, Head North” and “Stay Home”, but Listen & Forgive will be Transit’s defining album, without a doubt.

Listen & Forgive is available now via Rise Records.

1. You Can’t Miss It (It’s Everywhere)
2. Long Lost Friends
3. Listen & Forgive
4. All My Heart (Feat. Patrick Stump)
5. Asleep At The Wheel
6. Cutting Corners
7. Skipping Stone
8. I Think I Know You
9. Don’t Make A Sound
10. 1978
11. Over Your Head
12. The Answer Comes In Time (Physical Copies only)

Rating: 9.3/10