A Day To Remember Sit Down for an Interview with IAMTHETREND.COM

(guest article by: Emmalee)
I recently had the amazing opportunity to talk with Josh of A Day To Remember to discuss some of the more recent events happening with the band. Such as their most recent music video for All Signs Point to Lauderdale, feedback on What Separates Me From You, and who he would eat. Check it out!

What was it like shooting the video for All Signs Point to Lauderdale? How did you come up with the idea for it?

Josh: I think it was our management that really helped come up with the idea and it was fun. It was super easy, we were on tour and we flew out to L.A., we shot the video in a single day. It was really hot, but it was a lot of fun, there wasn’t any performance parts, so it went by really quick. Sometimes they didn’t need us to do anything so we just sat around.

It was at a real high school, right? How did you get that many kids to come out for the video?

Josh: Yeah, it was at a real school which was really crazy. We just sent out an all-call type of thing, anyone who wants to come out, and they all did.

Did you know the kid that played the antagonist in the video?

Josh: Actually, a couple of the bullies were actual actors.

A little while back you released What Separates Me From You, how has the feedback been on it thus far?

Josh: I’d say awesome. Our shows are bigger than they have ever been, so I would think if you didn’t like a band you wouldn’t come out and see them. I think it’s awesome, we’re proud of it, and kids seem to be liking it, so I think it’s good.

How do you deal with the accusations of selling out?

Josh: We don’t really take ourselves to seriously at all, like if you let like any little thing that anybody says get to you you’re focused on that and not what you’re trying to do. We’re trying to just have fun writing music and write the music that we want to write and listen to. If you think that’s us selling out, go listen to another band, I don’t care.

I heard the song 2nd Sucks is about Brian Calzini, is there any truth to that?

Josh: That is absolutely not true, Brian is a friend of ours.

You guys are often labeled as ton of different genres, what would you label yourselves as?

Josh: When people ask I just say that we’re a rock band, I don’t have some kind of catchy, cool thing to call us. We’re a mix of like hardcore and pop punk, so you can call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day that’s all it is.

A few months ago you played on Jimmy Kimmel, what was that like? Were your fans supportive of it?

Josh: It was awesome, it was our first television, like real talk show appearance, so it was crazy; we had so many people watching. A lot of people who know what we do are like “cool, you’re in a band,” but they don’t know like the level that it’s at when they can turn their T.V. on and see us on it, it kind of shocked a lot of people, so it was cool. Yeah, they loved it. A lot of kids actually got to come be in the audience, so that was cool. I mean there’s always going to be the select group of people that are like “You’re my favorite band, I don’t want you to be on this.” Doing that stuff just opens you up to so many more people. I just want to play o whoever wants to listen to it, whether that’s ten kids or ten million. You might lose a little small percentage of fans, but the amount of people you make is well worth it.

What do you think is the worst trend in today’s music?

Josh: Just like unoriginality. I think a lot of people see a band that they think is cool, then they think that’s the only way you can get big. People’s mindsets are in a different place than it was. I’m going to speak for my band, but we never thought this would be big. Ever. We just played music that we wanted to play throughout all of the years of us being a band you can look and people talked shit about what we were doing forever, even up until today. We didn’t care, we just kept doing it. A lot of bands will try to sound like a band they think is big. Even bands will try to like mock what we’re doing and that’s cool if that’s what you want to play, but just try to do what you want to do regardless if it’s original or not, don’t do it based on “I want to get to big.” That’s stupid.

If you could choose any three people, from any time period, who would you eat and how would you cook them?

Josh: God… I’m going to take an easy way out, but if you ask anybody it’s the honest to God truth, I’m not a vegetarian, but I am really weird about eating meat in general, like I don’t like to eat hamburgers and stuff, so I would probably just starve to death. I probably wouldn’t eat anyone, that’s not interesting. I’m trying to think of who would taste good.

Well it’s all about how you cook them.

Josh: True. Seasoning and all that.

If you’re going to cook someone you have to go all out.

Josh: Right, right. I don’t know, who would you eat?

I would probably eat Buddy Wakefield because he is a fantastic poet, Edgar Allan Poe because he was an amazing author, and probably William James because he is a huge inspiration. I really like pulled pork, so I’d probably do that to one of them, maybe some grilling, and I’m a big fan of stir fry.

Josh: You’re much more creative with this answer than I am. I probably honestly would just starve, I’m weird about meat.

I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Josh from A Day To Remember for taking the time to sit down and chat with me. Make sure to check out the latest ADTR video All Signs Point to Lauderdale HERE.