Album Review: Into It. Over It. – Proper

If you are unfamiliar with Evan Weiss, or more specifically his project Into It. Over it. then you must be living under a rock, as cliché as that sounds. Since the incarnation of the project, Weiss has been working nonstop. Between 2007-2008, Weiss wrote a song a week, for 52 weeks. This lead to his release aptly titled 52 Weeks. Since then, Into It. Over It. has released a series of splits, that make up the “Twelve Towns” series, and another split with Koji. Now, exactly four years after the start of 52 Weeks, we get Into It. Over It.’s first full length album and it was definitely worth the wait.

On Proper (you can see that Weiss names his albums very literally), Weiss displays a great amount of versatility. The album features a large amount of full band tracks, which, while not something new Into It. Over It., the style has not been as used on his previous work. The opening combination of “Embracing Facts” and “Discretion & Depressing People” will introduce the listener to exactly what they will get throughout the album. Most tracks are more “rockers” than some of Weiss’ previous work with IIOI, but he sounds better than ever. “Write It Right” allows Evan’s vocals to shine, over top of another musically fast paced track.

Although, not everything on Proper is so full of energy. “No Good Before Noon” is the first appearance of the quieter, more reserved sound that some may be more familiar with. Coming in at under two minutes, it doesn’t slow that album’s pace down, but just works as a bit of a breather. “Midnight: Carroll Street” blends both the faster, full band elements, as well as the slower side of Proper, to create what is ultimately the strongest track on the record. Closing the album off is the duo of “P R O P E R” and “The Frames That Used To Greet Me”. The two tracks work great together to summarize what Proper is about. The former track is the best demonstration of Into It. Over It.’s full band, fast paced tracks to date. The latter is a striped down, acoustic track that perfectly represents the softer side of Proper.

Throughout the album, it is Evan Weiss’ vocals that shine the brightest. His unique vocals work great over both styles of music he created on Proper, best demonstrated on both closing numbers. Weiss has definitely created something great with Proper. The album will most likely end up on a few End of the Year lists, and will probably end up as one of the most universally praised albums this year. With so many songs released as Into It. Over It., some might worry that Weiss may not be able to work in a proper full length setting. Let those people listen to Proper, and surely they will realize they were mistaken.

Proper will be available on September 27th via No Sleep records. Pre-order the CD or LP on the No Sleep Webstore.

1. Embracing Facts
2. Discretion & Depressing People
3. Fortunate Friends
4. No Good Before Noon
5. Write It Right
6. Midnight: Carroll Street
7. Connectict Steps
8. Staring At The Ceiling
9. An Evening With Ramsey Beyer
10. Where Your Nights Often End
11. P R O P E R
12. The Frames That Used To Greet Me

Rating: 8/10