Threadbird Announces Foalio

Threadbird have just unveiled their new project titled Foalio. The long and short of it is provides a place for artists to find jobs and jobs to find artists!

The site is broken down into 3 categories, Projects, Artists and Jobs. Projects basically allows you to see various artists new projects and postings. The site allows you to “prop” and/or comment on the project to show the artist some extra love.

The Artist section as you guessed it shows the portfolios of artists that have signed up for the site. Artists can be sorted by most liked, most recent, what’s hot or by several categories. You can also follow an artist to get updates each time they make a post to the site. Each artists profile gives you the artists resume, portfolio and a list of the connections they have made on the site.

Lastly is the jobs section where companies can list specs on jobs that they are looking to have completed. These listings provide details on the job and sometimes what the company is offering in terms of pay. Although there are only a few posts right now in job section, I can definitely see this growing to the go to place for t-shirt companies searching for artists to team up with for their new clothing designs.

Overall the site is laid of very cleanly and is very aesthetically pleasing. Although there other sites out there that are similar such as and Behance, I can really see where can become another great source for artists and companies to collaborate.

  • Lups

    This site will be one of the great!!!

  • Guest

    This site is awesome. It’s designed so much better than comparable sites.