First Thoughts: La Dispute’s The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit

This is the best song La Dispute has released thus far. That’s a pretty bold statement to make, especially after the band’s splits with Koji and Touché Amoré, but it’s the truth. After the release of the first track from Wildlife, “Harder Harmonies”, it became well aware that La Dispute were going out to top Somewhere At the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, their 2008, critically acclaimed debut full length.

While at times on Vega and Altair, vocalist Jordan Dreyer’s vocals seemed a little too melodramatic; Dreyer has found the perfect medium on “The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit”. The schizophrenic vocal style is still there, but Dreyer has more control this time around, knowing when to use his scream, and when to use his spoken word style of singing.

Musically, this song is what you would expect. It is aggressive, but still contains the artistic element that back Dreyer’s poetic lyrics perfectly. Similar to vocals, the heavy to artistic ratio is well balanced on “The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit”.

If this song doesn’t get people excited for Wildlife, then those people are a lost cause. If the group can keep up this perfect balance in their music throughout the album, Wildlife will surely end up in a vast amount of End of the Year lists.

Pre-orders are available now for Wildlife in No Sleep Records’ webstore. Wildlife will be out October 4th.