This is Exactly what not to do when Starting A Clothing Line!

Upon the ridiculous threat of legal action for defamation from Brandon Day and Invocation Clothing, I have taken out any accusations made towards Brandon Day and Invocation Clothing. Instead I am simply offering you images side by side of the original artists work and the t-shirt of Invocation Clothing. You be the judge and form your own opinions about what you think is going on here. After all opinions can not be viewed as defamation!

Also I recommend checking out the new TUMBLR page FuckYouRipper, the author of the page is anonymous at this time, but is setting out to prove what he thinks are people ripping artists.

Also there is still a Mintees thread HERE that provides a lot of insight and opinion into the matter.



Enough said, don’t you think?

  • jesus…that’s pretty bad right there… :O

  • ShoopedClothing

    It’s not even just inspiration from designers it’s blatent copies lol. Idiot. Most of the artists are famous as well ha!

  • Lee Thomas

    Whoa, did he completely steal Shantz file for that piece?

  • Stephanieg

    Wow thats some ridiculous biting..

  • Lameeeee..

  • SmileyMax

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me before… these guys will argue to the death that they didn’t rip off the stuff… even when you were producing it years before them.

    I’ve also seen fairly well known brands do it and know one says a fucking word… some people are just oblivious i guess.

  • Guest

    It’s the same exact thing, it’s not even funny!  Especially the last image, they are no differences!  o_O

  • I think it’s such a shame to see artists talents and hard work being so blatantly ripped. Beyond that, I hate to see brands making money and a name for themselves using ripped designs when other original and hard working labels struggle everyday to get their labels off the ground. Shame. 

  • not sure what exactly happened there. from what i read he just took that and sold it to someone else

  • absolutely no accountability or owning up to your mistakes, but then again what do you expect

  • Chase Bachtell

    Lmao! Check out this post I found on his tumblr!

    It looks like he does a horrible job!

  • AMAZING FIND! Posting on my twitter right now thanks Chase

  • Seems fairly straight forward.

  • After searching for many different clothing brands i’ve ran into many companies that ripped off others or had same same exact design but changed the name that’s messed up the blood sweat and tears that go into making a design just for it to be ripped off 🙁

  • they say great minds think alike, but this is definitely a rip off. Unfortunately I’ve seen this far too many times.

  • Poisoncrafts

    i agree with thread business
    this is a shame
    be creative!  use your own designs!  stop ripping off the original artists designs and get your own shit!
    makes me wanna scream when i see this. 

  • PhlightKrew22

    that fool brandon is for sure taking all his ideas from other people!! create some stuff on your own bro.
    Phlight Krew

  • King Whosane

    That’s fugazi!!!! T-shirt art is just that-ART!!!! T-shirts are our canvas to express our UNIQUE views, lifestyles, graphics or messages…you can’t fake or copy that. Get some skills broham or give it up!!!!!

  • Omarcarreno

    fkn biters. cant stand that. major brands do the same $hit. big time. i worked in the industry and trust me, to play it safe when it comes to sales they bite all day.   shame shame shame.
      fu%&k brandon day.

  • Guest

    Brandon Day – you suck.

  • Leo

    looking for t shirt designers someone message me ASAP! [email protected]

  • Leo

    looking for t shirt designers someone message me ASAP! [email protected]

  • Leo

    looking for t shirt designers someone message me ASAP! [email protected]